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What is your favorite spoonerism?

Asked by synapse (433points) August 21st, 2007

Such as flutterby/butterfly

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I used to do this with some friends' names. I had a friend, Mike Lucas, who we called Like Mucus. Same with my friend Aaron Mate who became "marinate"

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"One swell foop" is my very favorite - I use that one all the time... =)

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I entered “Gidget Eyes”* as a stupid band name; no one got that it was my own original spoonerism, in response to @Gavel’s girl group, The Cunning Stunts, which we were not amused by.

*Idjeet Guys.

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We used to eat at a venerable old Virginia Beach restaurant featuring cafeteria style “all you can eat” service long before chains like the Piccadilly Cafeteria and Old Country Buffet picked up the gluttony idea. The place was called The Pine Tree Inn, and on the way there one day, I blurted out that we were going to eat at The Trine Pee Inn, not an appetizing thought to the adults in the car.

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