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Do you hate your BlackBerry too?

Asked by Galicia (198points) November 7th, 2008

I have a BlackBerry Pearl and sometimes I feel that if this phone were a person I would definitely not be their friend or invite them over for dinner.

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don’t have a blackberry. I must say, though, that I love my iPhone:)

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Well there’s only one thing to do! Get an iPhone.

Also what makes you hate your Blackberry so much?

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@PIXEL- you have an iPhone, too??

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The typing process on this phone is like trying to open a benedryl packet with no fingernails. It’s damn near impossible sometimes. I’ll type out a word and it will put a random R at the end of it or just type something completely illegible. The internet is horrible and this thing freezes on me at least 2–3 times a day. I can’t get an I-phone because I have T-Mobile. I’m looking forward to their Google phone so I van enjoy my mobile service again.

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Van? I hate you BlackBerry…

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predictive correction on my iPhone is nice….

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@jholler- most of the time that feature is nice. Sometimes, it’s a pain.

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