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Who/what created god?

Asked by El_Cadejo (34489points) November 7th, 2008

I often hear religious people talk of how god created the universe and everything in it. What created him then? Why do religious people accept that he can “just be” or “come from nothing” yet our universe cant?

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Man created God in his own image.

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And then Woman dressed him and styled his hair.

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God already was,is, and ever will be…. infinity is beyond our 4 dimensional realm it’s totaly outside our time.

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And, apparently outside the laws of science.

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@seVen so your saying god has existed FOREVER, was never born nor created, just since the dawn of time “it” was there…..that makes even less sense than me believing in a god in the first place.

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No, uber, not since the dawn of time, since he is a concept outside of space and time, which we cannot perceive as we are inside space and time.

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sounds like an easy way to write it off to me.

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Yes, to you.


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God hatched out of an egg. Anyone with any sense at all knows the egg came first.

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the queen of the elven gypsy beasts.

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“god” is our children’s children trying to fix the wickedness we have created.

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This is a seriously DEEP question, uberbatman, and so much so that it makes my head hurt. :o) With that in mind, I must inject humor here to relieve the aforementioned pain.

God created man and then he rested.
Then God created women and no one’s rested since!

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Well science claims the Big Bang Theory which states something comes out of NOTHING which is by the laws of physics, impossible… so, yeah either way there’s a paradox. The only difference I see is that we know the laws of physics apply to physical matter. We cannot make any assumptions though, about their application to supernatural.

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@Elumas: I’ve never gotten the impression that the big bang theory states something came out of nothing. I’m pretty sure the theory states there was an initial super dense something that started and continued to expand.

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As a religious friend once told me about the “unknown”:
“Ask God, but you’ll have to wait for the answer when you’re dead”

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@ Mr Melted Crayon:
Well where did this dense mass come from pray tell.

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Caveman + Lightning = Deity.

@seVen: I don’t mean to be inflammatory, but I’d love it if just once, you said more than just ‘GOD IS, AND ALWAYS HAS BEEN AND WILL ALWAYS BE.” I have respect for theists but maybe expounding on your beliefs might help me to understand your views better.

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we’ll know it when we die.
no matter how i try to think about it, i can’t get rid of the feeling that there’s an afterlife. when you die you’ll “wake up” to something. i dunno it’s weird.

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great question, but the answer to your question is this: the natural human mind can tell when things begin and end. it’s only natural that you cannot see or understand how something can just “be.”

because God is beyond what we can fathom as “beginning” makes Him God. for further information, it’s all spelled out in the Bible.

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I think the best explanation is that God is beyond our capacity to understand, much like the Big Bang. If we use multiple dimensions as a basis for discussion, then I would offer up this analogy:

Imagine that you are a two dimensional dot on a piece of paper inside of a maze. To you, the two dimensional walls of the maze would be complete obstacles and you would be forced to wander the maze intersection by intersection.

Now imagine that a three dimensional cube were placed in that same maze. To the dot, it may look like just another square because there is no preexisting definition of height, but the two dimensional dot may have some conception of the immensity of this new object.

The cube, having three dimensions, would be able to look out over the lines of the maze and would have a better understanding of how to navigate the maze.

As three dimensional beings, we are stuck inside of our own labyrinth, wandering. In many ways, I see our spirits as being able to reach or connect with those higher dimensions – at least to a certain extent.

Our conception of God may actually be a relatively ordinary being in the 10th dimension, so to try and answer the question of how God would be created is probably beyond our limitations.

analogy used comes from the book Flatland, i believe, but I have not read the book.

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thanks uber, that link didn’t work for me, but i found the video here
pretty interesting ideas, our entire concept of infinity can be boiled down to a single point in the 7th dimension

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yea, that video blows my mind every time i watch it.

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Love the question, love the jokes, love the answers. Such a wonderful discussion :)

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@Elumas: No idea, couldn’t tell you. But that has nothing to do with the topic at hand. You said the big bang theory states that something came from nothing. It does not. It states that there was something and that something expanded, not where that something came from (if it does try to explain where all the densely packed matter came from, you’ll have to excuse me for being unaware of that part of the theory and forgive my ignorance). Saying the Big Bang theory is a “something from nothing” belief akin to what you find in religious texts isn’t all that accurate of a comparison.

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Se we still haven’t decided which came fist?
Adam or Atom

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Well, according to Genesis, Adam was created after the world in general was. As the world is, presumably, composed of atoms, those would have come first, assuming you believe the story of Genesis is true.

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whoa, apparently my typing came before my spelling on that last post.
thanks for the clarification, Hobbes : p

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The positin of our thumbs is what started the human pandemic.

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I don’t think I have a positon in or on my thumb. What could that be?

I’m viral?


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Control freaks

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@asmonet, Definately.

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Man’s capacity is limited. According to a principle or law I was told by a friend- a creation is less then it’s creator (I don’t know the name of it). Ergo according to the Bible, God is the Alpha and the Omega. He is the beginning, so he was always there and always will be. My tip to you is don’t think about it. If you do, well let’s say it won’t be fun anymore.

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