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How do you pronounce the publisher Houghton-Mifflin?

Asked by sfgal (280points) August 21st, 2007

Is it Huff-ton or Howton?
also, with Knopf, I've often wondered--do you pronounce the K? These are words I've only seen in print and never had to say outloud.

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Ho ( Like Lo) tun, Miff-Lin

I know this because my step-dad had an account with them and all the people working for them pronounced it this way

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According to the Cambridge English Pronouncing Dictionary the acceptable English pronunciations of Houghton are Haw-ton /hɔ-/ how-ton /hau-/, the US pronunciations are Ho-ton /hoʊ/, haw-ton /hɔ-/, hah-ton /hɒ-/ and how-ton /hau-/,

Never Huffton.

I'm not sure about Knopf, but Knopfler is pronounced without the k.

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I have always heard it pronounced Who-ton Mifflin.

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Ho-ton muffler

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The company itself answers this question here.

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In Knopf you pronounced the k. I know a couple of people who work there and that’s what they said.

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