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What is your favorite kid loves candy moment of your childhood?

Asked by Galicia (198points) November 7th, 2008

Mine is when my parents bought me a foot long peppermint stick and it took me a week to eat it.

That and my cousin and I ate, like, 3 bags of Warheads and couldn’t feel our tongues for hours afterwards.

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Mine was when I was ten my mom bought me one of those “Unicorn Horns” lollypops and I ate the entire thing in two days. My second happiest moment was when I discovered I could take my foot long candy cane, and dip it into my chocolate milk mug… it was like santa claws, himself, had given me the very essence of Christmas right there! It was awesome!

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When I played Little League it was cool to get some Big League Chew bubble gum at the concession stand and chew that during games. If you don’t know Big League Chew is this is it.
Its bubble gum that packaged and shredded just like real chewing tobacco

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My sister and I would split the candy where you dip a sugar stick into more sugar that turned your tongue blue… We got them every Wednesday when our grandparents picked us up from school. We laughed forever about how silly we looked with blue,red,green, and purple tongues.

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I liked Bit O’Honey, but if you ate a whole box it made your jaw ache.

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OMG! @Marina
OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! I LOVE BIT O’ HONEY! I can not, for the life of me, find it in my town ANYWHERE and it kills me inside everyday I am without!
I mashed the “great answer” link a few times, but apparently I can only obsessively congratulate you once.

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@krose1223: lik•m•aid! yeah!

I remember getting the giant gobstopper and keeping it in a ziploc in the fridge. It was disgusting. And disappointing—it sprained my tongue.

I have very fond memories of getting the long sticks of jelly ranchers and letting them conform to the roof of my mouth—carefully not to let the glass-sharp edges impale me.

I also loved the first time I had gobstoppers and lemonheads.

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Honestly, I think it’s also one of my happiest memories, when I was seven or so I went trick or treating as a geisha (appropriate for a child :P) and when I got back with my brother and sister we all sprawled out in the 14ft square living room and sorted and separated and then began trading candy with a complicated rating system based on each of our tastes. I loved peanut butter cups, and my sister loved Snickers, so naturally I would gie up one of my billion for three of hers, and vice versa…at times it got very serious. Bordering on Machiavellian. We had alliances for candy and played it like chess thinking three or four trades in advance. We did it every year, but that one was particularly memorable.

Oh, and once, at SeaWorld I got one of those big rainbow lollipops bigger than my head. It took me two weeks. I should have died.

@jvoar16: Enjoy

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Oh, another one I just thought of!
When I was about thirteen, me and my friends discovered you could freeze Kool-Aid. It was only a short jump to realizing that we could fill Ziplock bags with here-said Kool-Aid and then suck on the “Block-O’-Kool-Aid” for days! It was the most awesome thing ever in the history of the world, EVER! (Next to Obama getting elected.)

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I loved the bubble gum candy ciggeretes. You could blow on the wrapper and the powdered sugar would look like smoke.

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My dad was very poor as a child, and he never got candy. When I was little, and probably if I asked him today, hecwoilf load me up in the car and bring me to this little store. Once inside, he would hand me this little paper bag and tell me to fill it with whatever candy I wanted. When I had my daughter, I did not want her to have too much sugar. He would not listen to me. He still took her to that little store and bought her candy.

Every holiday he has whatever candy goes with that holiday. He is about to load up on the hard ribbon Christmas candy. What is strange is that my daughter and I really don’t have a sweet tooth. She is fourteen now. My husbands mother never let him have sweets. He loves candy, and he will eat it every day if he can.

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@ judochop- I told my husband about those candy cigarettes and he was disgusted but I had them too and thought they were so cool.

I am positive the company that made those definitely also had a big hand in marketing cigarettes to children. Yikes!

I also have to say on a side note that, man, I love pop rocks. I put a whole ton in my mouth and open it to scare my cat.

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@jtvoar & asmonet I am so ordering some of that! I think I will get the individual pieces though since I am not much for candy now.

Anybody else old enough to remember wax coke bottles filled with liquid? You bit the top off and spat it out and then sucked the tiny amount of liquid out.

Another fav of mine that I don’t think you can get any more is Zagnut. Loved those.

And the most politically incorrect candy ever, but popular: Candy cigarettes.

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I have vivid memories of Fireball-eating contests with my friends – we’d each stick a Fireball in our mouth, and see who could suck on it the longest before they had to spit it out. I remember the glorious torture of it all – mouth burning, eyes watering, but too stubborn and full of Fireball-pride to let the other person win. It got to the point that I could eat a whole Fireball without ever taking it out of my mouth – I wonder if I could still do that now…

And I loved the wax coke bottles, Marina – they sold them at the drug store around the corner from my house, and I would beg my mom to buy them for me every time we were there…

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@Marina: This?

Ever since I had a Lion bar in France and found one in NYC, and Boston each I’ve been obsessed with finding rare candies online. Just…don’t ask.

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Whoops. You were supposed to suck out the liquid?
I would chew the whole damn wax bottle like gum.

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@Nimis: I can’t stop laughing.

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What were those wax lips for, anyway? Did anyone else try eating them as a kid?

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Yes, sadly I tried, and succeeded…
Mom grandma once said it was candy, I just thought it was bad candy, so not only did I eat one, I eat about nine of those things before a teacher at school told me they were wax.

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Glad to entertain.

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