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Do Canadian High Schools have "Home Room?"?

Asked by jtvoar16 (2171points) November 7th, 2008

I am wondering if Canadian “High Schools” (Or the equivalent to the American version of high school) have a “Home Room,” or some form of “Gathering Class” in the mornings, as in the first or second class period and if they don’t what is their schedule like?

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My friend’s from Canada and she says “yes!”. There is a “home room” for every grade apparently. I think it’s modeled after the American school system, or just similar because of our proximity.

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in most private schools, yes. my school was always very different than the mainstream system, so we called it advisor period, but its basically the same thing. we read the bulletin, talk, whatever.

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Yeah, we just got the homeroom thing in my school this year…
It’s about 15 minutes, between first and second period.

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announcements, games, talk, just chill.

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In my high school (a private school in Canada), I had homeroom. I’ve heard of an “advisor period” as well.

To me, homeroom is one of the key differences between high school and post-secondary school.

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Okay, really quickly, I have a follow up question:

Would any “High School” ever take a “Class Photo?”

Here in the states, a lot of schools, get the whole 9th grade together for a really, really big class photo with all the students, they also do it for all the other grades too; I’m wondering if Canada would ever do that, ether privet or public school.
(By the way, as I read that aforementioned sentence it sounds smug and condescending, and I would like to state that in no way do I intend it to be such.)

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Have to check with my buddy, but I don’t recall seeing any high school class photos of her, unless they were individual ones for their yearbook. Good question.

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I went to school in Ontario public school. We had home room in junior high (which was grades 7–9) but not in my high school (which was grades 9–12/13). However some schools went right from grade 7 to grade 12/13 so it might vary.

None of my post-elementary classes ever took a class photo.

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Do you guess think, on a whim, for no apparent reason, a school might decide to do one?
I keep asking because in the book I am working on I want to have a school in Montreal taking a class photo when the school is destroyed, so everyone is in one place.
(It’s a morbid little thriller, action, fantasy.)
I am a man consumed by his obsession with the undying addiction to detail (I noticed in the movie “The Spiderwick Chronicles” the boy had dirt under his fingernails, then upon immediately turning and cutting to a new shot, had no dirt beneath his nails. I actually screamed at my TV when I saw that, and gave my mother and friend one hell of a scare!)
So I don’t want to write something and have someone in Canada scream at me!

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@jtv- That’s a legitimate worry.

I’m surprised to hear that many people didn’t have class photos. I went to a private Catholic school, and we had class pictures (with our homeroom) every year, even in high school. We also had one huge “school photo” – taken from the rooftop, we’d stand out in the playground and take a picture of everyone, with the kindergarten kids in the front and the grade 12 kids in the back (with the teachers on the edges). We were a small school (about 500 kids, I think), so organizing things like this wasn’t too difficult.

I think it’d be perfectly reasonable to have a school in Montreal taking a class picture. Especially if it’s a private school.

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@shadling: Oh thank all that is holy to you and I! I have been freaking out over that detail for a bit now, you have set my worry to rest! Thank you again!

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Errr…does this question presuppose that all American high schools have “home room”?
I didn’t.

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I checked with my friend: her own public high school did not have class photos but they did have individual photos/group photos for the year book and for individuals to purchase. The consensus seems to be (from the posts here) that the catholic elementary and high schools had class photos.

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It does not mater

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