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Politicians and extramarital affairs.

Asked by Snoopy (5783points) November 8th, 2008

None of the public’s business/a private family matter
A reflection of deception and poor judgement and open to public scrutiny.

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none of the public’s business.

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none of the publics business.

what always gets me is that after it comes out that the politician had an affair they hold a press conference with the politician apologizing to the public (like its any of our business in the first place) and the wife is always standing next to him in the background crying her eyes out. (is that really fair for her? i mean she was just cheated on now she has to stand in front of a camera)

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A reflection of character traits: deception, unfaithfulness, self-gratification without regard to the injury caused others, and lack of commitment are not things that I want in a politician.

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She doesn’t have to stand in front of the camera, uber.

Interestingly, an affair unraveled the career of the Mayor of Detroit. They lied about it under oath.

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None of the public’s business, but when it results in collateral lies, the situation starts getting foggier.

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@snoopy i know she doesnt have to, but if she doesnt that sends a whole other message to the public evidently. Like they cant work through their issues together and over come it or some bullshit. I still say none of our business.

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None of the public’s business. To those who argue that cheating shows a lack of character/morality etc and so how can we trust them, I argue that the difference lies in the relationships. A politician’s relationship to the public is one that is professional. As long as they do their job and get things done, I don’t need to care. People mess up their personal relationships all the time politicians are after all, humans, believe it or not and that should stay in between the party involved. No family needs to share their dirty laundry with a world of strangers.

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@uber…..then aren’t those politicians who stand before the cameras w/ the stonefaced wives in fact validating the notion that it is our business? If they felt it was noone’s business but their own, they could just say “It is a private family matter and we will not comment on it…”

Obviously that would be enough for some. For others, maybe not.

If the overwhelming majority of people felt as you did, then there would be no need for them to do the Oprah circuit and news conferences.

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@snoopy i agree a lot of people seem to care for some reason and that is why they feel the need to do these press conferences, i still dont think its right though. And i think the politicians need to do exactly what you said and say “It is a private family matter and we will not comment on it…” unfortunately i dont see that happening anytime soon.

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None of the public’s business.

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None of my business.

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Maybe not none, but not really the public’s business.

I have a much harder time controlling my own personal spending than I do controlling the spending at my company. I think public and personal lives can be kept separate, not that they always are…

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I’d rather know how the politicians are spending my tax dollars than who they are fooling around with.

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Sure it’s a sign of a lying cheat. And of course it should be a matter of public scrutiny, but why stop at politicians. I want to know if I should trust my tax man, doctor, mechanic and restaurant owner since I have to place my trust in them, too. It is especially important because I am a perfect human being and am only willing to interact with other paragons.

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None of the public’s business.

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To indirectly quote the Michael J. Fox character in The American President, the people have a way of deciding what they think is their business. However, I can’t fathom why people really care about others’ private lives. It’s the same way with celebrities. Gossip and drama; Americans can’t get enough of either.

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I don’t care about celebrities private lives. I do care about the character of the people who are running the country. Forget the fidelity issue—would you want to know if a politician was a wifebeater? I sure would.

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C’mon now, you guys know it is an impeachable offense! Starting an unjust war that your peers make bajillions off of however, is not.

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aidje: How about if they take bribes or use their power to settle personal beefs or lie to Congress?

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In my opinion, you can never equate sex and violence. Violence is an aggressive act fueled by anger and fear; sex is a response to visceral stimuli, and perhaps genuine affection and a desire to please. Plus, domestic violence is a crime, sex is not.

I would never judge another for cheating on a partner; no one can ever really know the circumstances leading to infidelity. Relationships have two (or more) people involved. Only the people involved have the ability to judge. What is it that that Christian book says: don’t judge others, because judgment will be turned back upon you.

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Yes, of course I would want to know that.

I’m not equating sex and violence. I’m comparing infidelity and violence. Both are rooted in selfish pride, and both cause harm to another party. As for legality, the law is not the supreme measure of morality and character—nor should it be.

What “that Christian book” says is, ”“Judge not, that you be not judged. For with the judgment you pronounce you will be judged, and with the measure you use it will be measured to you.” But it also says to “judge with right judgment.” I guess that means we’re supposed to use our brains. Go figure.

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lying under oath? its not something they should be asked under oath. Nobody elses business

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@suse. Indeed. Lying under oath….A whole big messy event. Detroit Mayor. gone.

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Kilpatrick was accused of a lot more than infidelity, though, right Snoopy?

If Lewinsky had turned up dead at the same time the Linda Tripp tapes were circulating, Clinton wouldn’t have finished his term either.

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@fireside OMG yes. He commited a mulititude of sins. So much so, that I expect it will be a Lifetime movie one day.

The gal he had the affair w/ was his chief of staff and didn’t end up dead….? So I am not sure what parallel you are trying to draw….?

sadly, there was the death of an exotic dancer/stripper that was loosely linked to Kilpatrick

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I guess I was thinking of the dancer, but the Wiki article makes that sound far fetched.

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My first instinct is to go with the fact that it is none of the public’s business and I do happen to believe that some journalists are like parasites and will do anything and everything to get a story and intrude on people’s privacy and whatever else they can get into.

Now, looking at this from another perspective, if you’re a politician, you’ve placed yourself in a profession where you are probably going to end up in the limelight at some time or another and eventually you will be susceptible to public scrutiny. These factors should indicate to the individual that they should live up to a standard that is moral and ethical (yes, I know what you’re thinking and you are right, there is no morals or ethics in politics) and you should conduct your lifestyle where you won’t bring discredit upon yourself. Knowing this, if the person eventually ends up in the news with a tarnished reputation because of their actions, at least half of the fault lies with the politician that screwed up in the first place.

Lastly, if someone is having an extamarital affair, politician or not, that is poor judgement all the way around, in my opinion. If things are that bad in a relationship, you should take whatever steps are necessary to repair the relationship or seperate from your partner amicably instead of having an affair.

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None of the public’s business of course.

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Tao Thanks for your reply!

I don’t know about the of course part though….

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I like Blue’s response. If I were in politics, I’d have to know that my actions are going to come under scrutiny.

I imagine for a politician (as for most people), if they have an affair, they’re hoping that they’re not going to get caught. When they do get caught, it makes me wonder what other questionable activities they thought they could “get away with.”

It was really an eye-opener for me to see how many people believe it’s none of our business. I think it is the public’s business – as an indication of character and honesty. Certainly not an impeachable offense, though.

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I maintain that if my boss/coworkers are assholes and cheaters and sinners, I don’t CARE as long as they get their shit done. Business is business, personal is personal. If you get your job done and do it well, I don’t care what you do behind closed doors with your wife or your mistress. Sex is not business.

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I object to Democrats having consensual adult sex. But Republican’s having sex with children and Mauritians Island sex-slaves are just doing God’s work…..

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