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Who here cannot name his/her Senators and the governer? (And why not?)

Asked by gailcalled (54644points) November 8th, 2008

How tuned in to your state’s politics are you?

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no fair googling before answering

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I can get those three.
You would stump me if you asked abut the state senate, though.
gail, i’m shocked!

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@fireside the horror!

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Arnold Schwarzenegger—Boo
Dianne Feinstein—eh
Barbara Boxer—so-so

Very much so. In spite of the last week’s events, I am so glad I live in California. I follow our state politics so I can try to be positive about the place I live, and so that I feel okay about paying taxes in my state. Eck. I’m ambivalent about CA at the moment. I’m in a post election funk.

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@fireside and snoopy; ya got me, good and fair. Oops!

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@all; I am now flagellating myself with leafy branches of the ginko tree.

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@gail: *ginkgo

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Gail, I am not sure how many takers you are going to get on this one. Who willingly, is going to offer themselves up for ridicule? My answer is the same as firesides.

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Okay, SoapChef; I’ll bite.


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@ aidje Remember though, the question is, “Who here CANNOT name his/her Senators and the governer? (And why not?)”.

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Governor Dave Heineman, Senators Chuck Hagel and Ben Nelson. I’ll come clean and say I did not know the governor, but I did know the senators. When I was in California I did know my governor, senators and congress-people, I’m just kind of new herein The Cornfield.

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ted strickland. hick. but serves well for ohio.

he supports the arts, thats why i like him.

idk about my senators.

i know one, Voinovich, only cause guest conducted a choir of mine once. and hes an ex governer. lol.

the other i had to google :( he must not be important…

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True. Gail also asked, “How tuned in to your state‚Äôs politics are you?”, so I figured she might want to know of cases were people were informed, as well.

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I just moved to NY from PA. I knew my governor to be Lou Barletta. Otherwise, I don’t know any others because I really hate politics. They infuriate me.

Chastize me as you will.

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Governor Patterson
Senator Schumer
Senator Clinton

Now you know. and knowing is half the battle

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Sarah “You Betcha” Palin
Ted “the convicted felon” Stevens
Lisa “Got my job from my dad” Murkowski

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bayh, lugar, daniels.

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One of my senators needs to be replaced and I don’t think we’ve heard who is going to replace him yet. Not long from now, he’ll be the president. (I totally just answered to brag.) Other than that, Gov Oh-Shit-How-Do-I-Spell-His-Name (Okay, I googled “Blogovich” to get the spelling, does that count as cheating?) aka Blagojevich. I also just voted on Dick Durbin so if I didn’t know him I’d be… really not paying attention.

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yes, that is cheating EP, but I think it can slide

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I will cancel out Snoopy’s answer by saying that it is fair.

The governor of NYS was elected (Eliot Spitzer) but got into a little trouble (whoremongering) and had to step down. He was going to be our knight in shining armor, but fell off the horse. Now Dave Patterson has the job.

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Hey, I spelled it without looking it up. :-)

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I’m impressed. I was about to type it and went “Holy Hannah, I have no idea how to spell that.”

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@gailcalled Please show credentials that authorize you to cancel me….?

I would have put this in the microtext, as it is an “aside”, but I know you don’t like it…..and since it was directed at you….

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I’m older (and bossier)? I couldn’t have spelled it either, like Denis Dennis Kunicivich Kucinich.

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Oh. Ok then.

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Rep. Gordon for a bonus

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Aww, man. Now you got me.
I forgot the name of the new Senator who took over for Hillary.

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@fireside: Kirsten Gillebrand; the election for her replacement at the state level is Tues next, the 31st. Consider voting for Scott Murphy, in spite of the scurrilous media ads from both sides.

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Thanks, Gail.

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