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Whats the best website to play a free 3D MMORPG that's fun?

Asked by ctimm15 (371points) November 8th, 2008

i want a fun MMORPG to play but i don’t want to download anything or have to fight something like dragons all i want is something like the Sims

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Sims? Sim city? that’s no mmorpg..

most mmorpg requires you to download the program and patches. I doubt any site could actually host a 3d mmorpg

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Ummm, like Runescape?

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@mea05key – the Sims (not Sim City) is kind of an RPG (simulation, really), it’s easy to imagine that MMO’ish.

Sounds like Runescape, or perhaps Maid Marian – haven’t really played both extensively, though.

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i play maid marian but its not that fun

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You might check out Second Life, but I don’t know how much fun that is either.

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@fireside – you have to download Second Life. And have a credit card.

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oh, well forget that.
I tried it out once a long time ago and didn’t really get the point.

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ogame is fun, but not 3d

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Lineage 2 is really addicting and you can find lots of servers for free.

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is Lineage 2 3D?

p.s. i have dail up so it has to be fast at loading

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if it is 3D please post the link to it

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If you can download things, this one is free….I downloaded it but didn’t really get into but you are welcome to try, maybe you’ll find it more interesting than I do (or you’ll have more time to kill).

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runescape is kinda fun

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the download for Lineage 2 can be found for free…but it’s like 4 gigs…it will probably never finish over dial up…and it would kind of suck to play on dial up.

Dial up is lame for online gaming…sorry. Especially for big downloads.

You can google Lineage2 downloads and find various free servers that will provide you with a good link.

Also try other games like Rappelz or Aura Rose or Rose Online.

google mmorpg as well and find game lists….there’s tons of free ones out there. And some are really nice. But consider the download time…

Good luck

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i hate dail up its slow and stupid

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and by the way all the things you say sound cool but i don’t want to download anything

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therefore i say runescape…

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oh i just found the coolest site ever its

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sounds like you just wanna socialize…

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maybe lineage

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