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Does the idea of cheeseless pizza disgust you?

Asked by aidje (3652points) November 8th, 2008

Many people seem to find the idea of pizza without cheese to be absolutely disgusting, or at the very least, not worth trying. But the thing is, my sister and I are both allergic to dairy, and yet the degree to which we love pizza is something I have not seen in dairy-eaters. I can’t help but wonder if the lack of cheese elevates the pizza to a whole new level where it transcends its previous role as cheese-vehicle and becomes a thing of beauty all its own.

To clarify, we’re from near Chicago, so we’re used to good pizza.

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I think would lack the pizzaness then…

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I’d eat a cheeseless pizza! Sounds healthier anyway.
Since you’re allergic to dairy products, why not use soy cheese? It sounds gross but it’s really not that bad ;)

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That’s kind of my theory: the cheese-eaters think that the cheese is the pizza, when there is whole world of wonder that is being hidden beneath it.

I’m allergic to soy as well. :-) Most pizza joints don’t carry soy cheese anyway, I would guess.

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Wow… Interesting question… Very thought provoking…

I’d eat it, just because I’m always up for trying anything. What do you eat on your cheeseless pizza?

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I would eat it, but it would be missing the best part. melty mozzarella mmmmm..

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Well it’s the same as sauceless pizza- gross.

Listen, what do you call spaghetti with no sauce? Just noodles.

You get rid of the cheese and it’s plain old bread with sauce on it.

I’m sorry about the allergy thing. I shed a tear for you. It’s such a sad thing to know that some poor soul can’t enjoy pizza in it’s splendor.

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I have a special place in my heart for pepperoni and black olives. I like variety, though. I had one last night with pepperoni, sausage, green pepper, and onions.

@LKM936 and Galicia
It is you I feel sorry for. There’s more to pizza than cheese. :-)

Wikipedia’s history of pizza pegs tomato as the cardinal topping—not cheese. I believe this is a common American fallacy.

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I actualy lived in italy where there was a pizza without cheese and tomato sauce it was delicious because it had spices on it and the dough was made of special olive oil and special flower, the pizza by the way is called “pizza bianca” translates to “white pizza”, Wikipedia I think has info on it.

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@adije: Cool!! I’ll have to try it sometime!! So, it’s just pizza dough, tomato or pesto sauce, and whatever toppings suit one’s fancy?

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Pretty much. I’ve never actually tried it with pesto, though. I’d say just order what you like, and ask for it with no cheese.

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I’ve never even heard of a cheeseless pizza and it’s hard for me to imagine a life without regular pizza. How quaint. Could someone post a picture of one on Fluther please? :o)

As far as your question goes, it doesn’t really disgust me but I’d probably be hesitant to try one because the whole idea just seems so unusual to me. Then again, variety is the spice of life and maybe I need to broaden my horizons for a change. :o)

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Sounds yummy to me. I’ve had a few versions of pizza including cheeseless. My favorite is asparagus-tomato-goat cheese pizza which doesn’t include a sauce or cheese in the normal way. It’s partly cooked dough, then you add the toppings and bake. So yummy, but also not what a lot of people consider pizza.

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It’s called bruschetta and it’s delicious.

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I’d post a picture, but I already ate it.

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yes. When it comes to pizza, I am a traditionalist.

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not disgusting. i used to eat them with my mom who hates cheese and butter. its just plain bread with tomato paste and some pineapples. not disgusting . its food anyway!

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I’m sorry to hear that you are allergic to dairy and soy. That must really suck.

I don’t really care for pizza much anymore, but maybe without all that fatty cheese I might be interested again. If I ever come across the opportunity to try it, I just might.

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I’d give it a go. I like a pizza that’s light on the sauce though, so it might be a little dry. I always save the edge of the crust for last, and eat it with olive oil and parmesan. I’d guess I could do without the cheese, but would much prefer it with!

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Since I’m vegan, I’m totally open to delicious cheeseless pizza, and it can be delicious. A few months ago I cooked the “Green Goddess Pizza” recipe from Vegan with a Vengeance, and it was one of the most delicious things I’ve ever eaten – the sauce was a garlic sauce, and it was covered in pesto, tofu and veggie puree, green veggies, and also loads of olive oil. Sooo good.

The Italian place I used to go to back home also has this pizza bread with thin onion and spices on top, and I’ve been in love with it since I was a kid. I need to figure out how to make it myself.

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My wife makes foccacia which has that flavor too.

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I think you should change the name of it. It’s like taking the jelly off of a PBnJ and still calling it a PBnJ.

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@judochop: It’s a “cheeseless pizza”, not a “cheeseless cheese pizza” :P

And if I have a pb&j made with sunbutter and preserves, I still call it pb&j.

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@gooch; all the foccacia recipes I found called for parmesan (and sometimes grated mozarella) cheese.

And what about a BLT with no B?

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Your missing my point azul. A pizza is in fact, cheese, sauce and dough is it not? Without one of these ingredients you are not completing the equation.
How about we call it a red sauce pie?

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@judochop: But if I say ‘pizza’, people will know what I’m describing much more easily, and when I cook a cheeseless pizza, I’m still trying to cook what I think of as a delicious pizza. The example of “red sauce pie” is too specific; I prefer pesto or garlic sauce over tomato sauce.

Also, in Uruguay, if you order pizza in a restaurant, they won’t put cheese on it unless you ask for it – cheese is not an assumed pizza topping there.

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@aidje: “To clarify, we’re from near Chicago, so we’re used to good pizza.”
ahahahahahahaha. No, you’re not. (Hi, I’m a NYer.)

@Galicia: “Listen, what do you call spagetti with no sauce?”
Well, I still call it spaghetti… And here’s a wise tip: get a thicker skin PLEASE.

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Here is a picture of the Green Goddess Pizza, although cooked by someone else. Omnomnom.

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@Gail: I eat BLTs with no T. Sometimes, I add some C heese
to the equation. Yum.

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Hmmm… I don’t think I’d much like cheeseless pizza. Then it’s just dough with toppings on it… (duh). Sounds boring. Different sauces I can accept and appreciate, but what?!?! No CHEESE!??!

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not to me…cheeseless pizza sounds good (dont judge something until you try it)

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Chicago pizza isn’t pizza at all, it’s overpriced crap. Cheeseless pizza would be okay, as long as the other toppings had plenty of flavor. I’ve made pizza with a lot of unusual ingredients, including morel mushrooms, sliced hot peppers, bison meat, venison sausage and rabbit meat. With enough hot peppers, I could forgo the cheese, I guess.

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If you think Chicago pizza is overpriced crap, there’s a good chance you haven’t had a good Chicago pizza. They are delicious when done right. So yummy. But so far I’ve only had really good Chicago deep dish at one place.

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Perhaps I should further clarify that 1) the Chicago area is a pretty big place, and more than one type of pizza is available, and 2) I’ve been to about thirty countries, and I have eaten pizza in many of them.

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That’s an abomifreakingnation.

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@asmonet: Lurve for the word. :)

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Something like that doesn’t have the right to be called a pizza anymore…..

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