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What's a good recipe organizer for Mac OX X?

Asked by MacHacker (75points) August 21st, 2007

Ok, so the title says it all. I am a Mac User, and I am starting to get into cooking. I was wondering if there are any other Mac users out there who can recommend an application to organize my recipes. I am running OS X.

Thanks in advance

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I for one am waiting on Cookbook from check it out!

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I'm familiar with this app already. But unfortunately, it is not released yet. And prob. wont be for a while. I dont even remember how long that contest has been over. Almost a year now right? Any other suggestions for now?

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But I agree, I am excited about it too.

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Yum. You can find it at and it's free.

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I use Computer Cuisine Deluxe from Inaka Software. Really easy to use and I just drag & drop recipes from Safari into the database. I love it.

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