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What bill or coin will Barack Hussein Obama be on?

Asked by adri027 (1415points) November 8th, 2008 from iPhone

I’m not sure if it’s possible or if it will ever happen but what do you guys think?

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Damn now I feel stupid, good night.

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eww yeah you should be embarassed and never come back I hate that guy with a passion don’t you come around here boy you here!!!??? Hahaha

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I hate lil Wayne too. Now, Obama will probably not make anything, who was the last prez who did btw?

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Legally, he can’t be on anything until he’s been dead a while.

That said, I think Grant has had enough time in the spotlight. Barack would look good on the $50.

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I guess that answers that question. :o)

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Oh gee..well if he was to be on something I’d say..a limited edition silver dollar or something that they’ll try to sell on a informercial

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I saw a commercial for this during the evening news on NBC tonight.

I threw up a little in my mouth when I saw it.

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wooooow!!!!! No way! Hahahaha

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5,000 dollar bill

according to young jeezy.

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who’s jeezy? Nvm
Let me google this persona

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haha hes a rapper, my young-ness is showing.

my president is black by young jeezy- listen to it, im sure youll like it

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nay I’m not down for that crap..that’s not my cup of tea.

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no crap, just educated musicians.

i think its time for rap artists to dip into political issues, maybe motivate some thugs ;)

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I’m a thug foshizzle manizzle in the housizzle ya get ma driftizzle?

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I looked it up on YouTube I just couldn’t do it..the beat ruined it. I’ll make my own song : )

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the food stamp

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The NAU (North American Union) currency The Amero.

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Actually, they’re making new dollar coins every year with all the presidents, starting at the beginning a couple years back, so I assume there will be Obama dollar coins.

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Some racist Republican fuckwads have already put Obama on money:

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that’s fucked but funny.

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@azul – re Obama being on the dollar coin, by US law, Presidents must be deceased for two years before they appear on a coin. These coins are coming out at the rate of 4 per year and started in 2007. So, at this point, our 38th President, Gerald Ford, who died in 2006, would be eligible to be on a coin in 2016, but our 39th President Jimmy Carter will have to be skipped if he doesn’t die before 2014. Assuming he does, he and Reagan will fill out 2016. Assuming Bush Sr. who is now 84 dies within the next 6 or 7 years, he might be the last coin minted in 2016 or the first (and likely the only) coin minted in 201, but for anyone else (Clinton who is now 62, Bush Jr who is also 62, or Obama who is 47) to get on a coin, they would need to die in the next 7 years, and that just doesn’t seem all that likely. Though of course Obama IS the first black President and there are a lot of racist rednecks with guns, but I place a LOT of trust in the secret service these days…I mean if they could keep Dubya alive for 8 years, that’s saying something. I mean this guy was almost brought down by a pretzel.

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@dalepetrie’s 1st answer. I called it.

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@dalepetrie I believe there was a bill introduced to make an exception for the Presidential dollar set. I don’t think it has gotten out of committee at this point however.

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The Mill, but only if we really have to.

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