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I can’t figure out how to do it!!!! :-(

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Data DVD: drag files onto the DVD & burn
Video DVD of your own: iDVD
Copy a commercial DVD: Toast Titanium

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Another way, there is an open source piece of software called, aptly enough, “Burn”.

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HandBrake may do what you want. It doesn’t exactly rip the DVD, but it does transcode all of the titles into whatever format you want. I’d link to it, but it looks like WebSense has decided today that it should start blocking all freeware. :-(

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I got burn and I burned the DVD but it’s in PAL format. I think I need NTSC format or something like there any way to convert?

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BURNing… I read questions well…

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@Theotherkid to convert from PAL to NTSC you’d have to use a video mangling program like HandBrake or any of a dozen other ones. Once you have it in the format, then you can just burn it.

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Ok I’ll give that a shot.

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Sorry I’ve been away from this question. I learned how to use iDVD and I used Handbrake to convert the files, and it worked. Thanks!

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