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What to do for the last big hurrah?

Asked by KatawaGrey (21467points) November 9th, 2008

I am turning 20 in January and it dawned on me that I have only two months left as a teenager! I know that I don’t have to stop doing the things I love now when I am no longer a teenager, but I feel like I should do something big to celebrate the end of an era. What would my fellow flutherites suggest for a last big teenage hurrah?

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definitely take a road trip.

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I’d suggest Disneyland, but Quinniapiac’s nowhere near there, and that would be an expensive celebration.

Some ideas:

* Hold a party in a local, funky, old-school arcade
* Head to NYC for a tour of museums, an interesting play, and dinner at a famous restaurant
* Road trip with a group of friends to Boston – hit the nerdiest sites you can there, then spend the night in a hotel room with a city view

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I agree. Roadtrip. If you can afford it, Europe. If not, save that for after college.

Have fun.

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I was going to go on a roadtrip. I settled for jumping in a bunch of fountains around town.

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I’d say a nice night out on the town with close friends and/or family. For my 20th bday, my brother drove us all around, we pigged out, smoked tons of great hydro, and got drunk as a skunk, but I was still 20. Save the last hurrah for the big 21.

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