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What is the EASIEST and cheapest way to build a website?

Asked by MarisaQ8 (5points) November 9th, 2008

very basic: main page, photo gallery, demo reel gallery, resume page (printable), a blog and message board would be bonuses. PLEASE HELP a really poor but determined actress expand her web presence? :o) thanks!

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Two other simple site creation services are Weebly and SynthaSite.

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You can build a website using the most popular content management system Wordpress. It is free and open source software that based on Php and MySql. There are many plug-ins and themes from which you can build beautiful websites. No tedious coding is required.
When I was first created my website I found an online tutorial that is very good. You may visit, here they taught us about how to create a website and more information related to wordpress. This tutorial provides knowledge about creating websites in very easy steps and their video tutorials are very clear.

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