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Can you play Wii Sports online?

Asked by Supergirl (1686points) November 9th, 2008

I have been googling this and cannot find a recent response. Is there an update you can download from Wii that allows you to play first generation games online? Has anyone played Wii online?

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I’ve never heard of that. I know that some games (like Mario Kart, SSBb) can play online, but the wii sports were never written (as far as I know) to be played online.

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In response to your question, I just read this lengthy and detailed article at Wikipedia that specifically covered the Wii Sports game. There was no mention of any online capability for the game and I suspect that it has none. I have a Wii console plus the sports game but I have never played any Wii games online.

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Wii Sports can’t be played online. Wii store classic games can’t. Only hacked emulators can be played online. I know of some hacks that let you remove a bunch of sums blocks the wii has on online gaming. But if the games don’t have programming for online play, then they can’t play online like Wii Sports. I do know that the SDK for the Wii is around 250$. So you could script up your own version. I guess that could work.

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No you can’t play wii sports online. If so, my wife and daughter and I would perhaps have large gaping muscles on our wii hands and wii arms.

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…and no social life ;)

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Social life? You mean “online” and participating does not designate a social life?

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You can’t play Wii Sports online. Ugh… (shutters) friend codes

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wow….just, wow.

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Wii sports online is due out very very soon

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@sandystrachan: source? please don’t give me a link to a wikipedia article.

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@aanuszek1 I dont use wikipedia , when i find the article i will post it here i think it was neoseeker that had the article on its website. Also EA has a sports game i think that is online .

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@sandystrachan: I’ll believe it when I see it.

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