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Cost Rica or Hawaii?

Asked by syz (35649points) November 9th, 2008

We’re not the “lay around the pool drinking fruity drinks” type. We like to explore the wilderness, habitats and wildlife, and have some adventures (last trips were Belize and Alaska). Any advice on next year’s trip?

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I’d say costa rica.

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I’ve been to both. Costa Rica for my honeymoon, and Hawaii for a vacation. Costa Rica definitely has a wilder feel to it. Rainforests, jungles, whitewater rafting, hiking, shitty roads, you name it. The people there are super nice, but, we did get robbed there in a very tricky way (though, after the fact, some nice locals helped us out). Helps a lot if you can speak Spanish.

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I hear Hawaii is cheap for a tiny window of time because the economy’s in the tank. Expensive as a rule; might be smart to go now. Amazing wildernesses, unlike anything closer than Tahiti.
Costa Rica is probably going to continue to be relatively affordable for awhile; I’d save it.

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I have been to both as well, and prefer Costa Rica. If you want amazing habitat to explore, go to Monte Verde.

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costa rica by a long shot!!!!!!!!!! be ready to practice your spanish!

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Hawaii is for chilling – I lived in Costa Rica for about 5 months and there is way more adventure available, especially if you have the cajones to make it out to the Caribbean coast. Your money will go much further here, there will be more surprises and cultural differences to appreciate than if you were to go to Hawaii. The Hawaiian tourism industry was built around the whole vacation-pool-fruity-drink concept.

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