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Which fluther question holds the record for the highest amount of responses?

Asked by chromaBYTE (652points) November 10th, 2008

I’ve been an active follower on a question about same-sex marriage, and we’ve hit about 204 responses.

Has anyone seen questions with more responses than this? Anyone know which one has the most?

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I’m willing to guess the Askville question has more. I just checked—it was 991 responses. It might not count, though, being a kind of special case.

A bunch of us migrated during GREAT drama and that question served as a place for us to chat about what had happened and not overload the main site with our other-site based questions.

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Mind linking us not in the know, EmpressPixie?

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Yeah there are questions with more responses than 200, the question in which fluther created a story had a whole bunch. I can’t find the link though. I’m sure someone will soon enough. It’s a great story, too!

edit: i found it here, but it’s actually right here

It has 641 responses (and 36 “great questions”).

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@ la chica! wow! i saw that question! fluther genius!

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That’s such an awesome book. Printing out a copy now. I might even buy a physical copy.

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Hmmm…celticsfan <3333

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What about celticsfan? He’s an… “active participant” in the same-sex marriage thread…

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You stated that with much reluctance as I can see by your use of punctuation. I noticed he received much flack for his statements…I was very much interested in what he had to say and was trying to understand what kind of online community would ban free speech…

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I can’t find one point in the post where we told him to shut up. We responded to his views with our own opinions.
Some of his posts were removed because Fluther moderators believed them to be too insulting and not contributing to the thread.
Also it’s kinda hard to reason with people who believe that you’re demonic.

Anyway, that’s completely off-topic. Any other extremely long fluther topics?

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