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What is a good alternative to foobar2000?

Asked by ArchaicLion (103points) November 10th, 2008

Specifically, I am interested in the playback programs any of you audiophiles prefer.

Do not list Winamp or iTunes. I replaced Winamp with foobar2000 and I’m not interested in going back. iTunes is good for loading my iPod and that’s only because I haven’t found a replacement for it.

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Why are you looking to replace foobar2000?

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I’m not looking to replace it necessarily, just curious if there is something better that I might be missing. A regular web-search results in people that answer Winamp. (which seems skewed by popularity rather than the players function) If you like Winamp that’s fine. I replaced Winamp with foobar2000 so I am not looking to go back. But the change (a great change btw) has made me wonder if there is another player that I am missing as well.

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foobar2000 is built with a very different philosophy than most other media players. If you like it a lot, I doubt you’ll find something that you like more. Perhaps if you’re just feeling kind of bored with it or something, you should look into third party components that adjust the functionality and interface.

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Songbird – it’s still beta release but it’s great, regardless

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up for foobar2000 – i love it. it uses less memory than others. very light-weight

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Songbird corresponds more closely with iTunes than with foobar2000.

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