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How do you feel about the recent changes in the economy?

Asked by aanuszek1 (2290points) November 10th, 2008

With DHL going belly up and Circuit City filing bankruptcy, I can’t help but wonder how the collective is feeling about our crumbling economy. Is anyone else worried that we are headed for another great depression?

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come on over here, our county sales tax receipts are steadily rising, and two new industries are locating here and adding another 1000 jobs, gas is $1.82 a gallon, and I bought a 2400 sq ft home on 4 acres for $115k. What recession?

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@jholler Where is here?

And to answer the question, so far, I am doing ok, but I am being very careful. Hopefully things will straighten out soon.

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Northeast Arkansas…and yes, we wear shoes now.

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Ha ha! My house is in rural Florida, and we have to wear shoes because of sandspurs… ouch!! I bought my house in ‘92, on 5 acres for only $18000.00, can you beleive it? My taxes are still really cheap… only $350.00 a year!!

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We’re losing our house, my mom has been unemployed for over a year and we’re swimming in debt. It don’t look too good.

@scamp: That’s what those little fuckers are! I kept telling my friends in Virginia about them and they didn’t know what the hell I was talking about. We had the Coatsal ones it seems, bigger and harder. Those things draw blood. :’(

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@jholler Well there is the sticking point, I suppose. If you look at a population map, most people want to live on the coasts or near major cities. Not in the middle of the country, unfortunately.

asmonet I am very sorry

I think the changes in the economy are disheartening as I know alot of people are suffering. I have faith however that the economy will come back eventually. It always has….

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I am constantly amazed that people here have bad things happen to them, economically. Most folks seem so articulate and so smart, I’d think employers would be leaping to hire them.

My wife and I are fairly fortunate in that we both still have jobs, but since she works for Wachovia, we don’t know for how long hers will last. The Wells Fargo people are showing up the next few days to see what’s what. They’ll decide which divisions stay, and which ones go.

If she did lose hers, it would be a real bummer, because she had been so miserable for years, and had finally managed to find a job with reduced hours for the same money. She can get very stressed out, and I’ve not been much help, getting sick recently.

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Worried, but hanging on tight. My husband fears that his employer will be out of business in a month or two, so that is a frightening prospect. To find a job in this economic climate will be a nightmare. On the upside, we own our house/rental property (it’s a duplex) outright.

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If you really want to get the pulse on Amurica just roll down your window and talk to some of those newer folks popping up on the corners all over this land.

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No reason to go hungry in Arkansas, Plenty of tasty road kill there!

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Ya kno sumthn’s wrong when yuh caint find no decent roadkill no whur! Like here in Mississippi!

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damn bad time to graduate. so much unemployment now

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I make 80% less than I did 3 years ago, as does my husband. Lucky we sold our house before the value crashed. Looking to move anywhere there are more jobs than Arizona—it sucks here. Any body know where the jobs are?

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What do you know how to do?

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My husband is a super sales guy. I am a finance person, loans ect.

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We have banks popping up all over town, and someone who knows sales is always in demand. Salary numbers might not be what you’re used to, but our cost of living is very reasonable. Ignore the preconceived stereotypes and check out Arkansas. As I mentioned in another thread, our county sales receipts are up 34.5% from a year ago, and two new industries just announced new factories bringing 1000 new jobs.

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