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What's something really frivolous that you want to do?

Asked by KatawaGrey (21456points) November 10th, 2008

I was just watching Dharma and Greg. It was the episode where the guy wants to buy Abby and Larry’s house and Dharma tries to convince him not to. Well, Dharma’s old bed is a trampoline. I think it would be really cool to have a room in my house with a full size trampoline in it where I could sleep or watch TV or just bounce and bounce and bounce. :)

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You better have high ceilings.

I really want to buy another poodle skirt. Yes, another.

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If I had the disposible income instead of having a front door I would have a piece of candy glass. So every morning when I leave the house I could walk through the glass. Then every day it would be replaced and then repeated. I think that would be so satisfying

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I would love an underground house. There would just be a driveway, and an outhouse sitting next to the driveway. Go in, and its an elevator that takes you downstairs to the underground hidden house. yeaaaaaaaaaaa its good to dream.

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I have always wanted a bowling alley in my basement.

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Go to a titty bar and “Make it Rain.”

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I’ve always wanted an English manservant, like Jeeves or Bunter from the Sayers stories.

“Sir, your trousers are freshly pressed.” “Why thank you, Jeeves.” “Would you like me to draw you a bath?” “No, but could you possibly fetch more brandy and cigars?” “Right away, sir.”

I imagine him pronouncing “sir” as “suh.”

I’m a geek.

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I would so have a personal shopper. Not the kind that follows you about the store, I mean the kind that shops for you. She would just show up every season with a new wardrobe…that would fit me perfectly…because I would be working out with my private trainer everyday in my home gym; whilst dining on meals expertly prepared and healthy from…you guessed it…private chef!

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$300 Keratin hair treatment for my frizzy hair. Alas, it is too expensive to justify.

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buy my new best friend a Zune for Christmas. I just might too.

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I would buy the new giraffe print purse made by Dooney & Burke.

I would go on a ridiculous shopping spree and buy my boys all the skate gear they want, complete with shoes, decks, and hoodies.

I would buy my daughter a spot on the varsity basketball team (does an unethical act count??).

Um, I would pay someone to do yard work and do all the cleaning. I would also take all the carpet out of the house and replace it with Pergo, not wood, Pergo.

I would also like to spend a week in Washington D.C. with my family, going to all of the amazing tourist destinations.

I have to keep dreaming.

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I saw a taxidermied lion at Paxton Gate in San Francisco. Unfortunately I needed my $10,000 for something else but I can’t stop thinking how much I wish I had that thing.

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I want to rent St. Catherine’s Court, in Bath, England and live like royalty with a bunch of my closest friends, for awhile.

I’d also like to trick out my kitchen with all of the appliances from Iron Chef. First up, blast chiller . . .

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ive always really wanted a car that will go on water and then i could set up ramps and hit them at top speed then dive into the water….oh it would also be cool if it would go underwater like that white car in one of the old bond movies(forget which one)

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@ska: that sounds really freaking cool. Could I come too?

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yes, under one condition. your job will be to man an ejection seat. i will launch you at our peak height and see how far i can get you to go

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Awesome! I’m little so the force will expel me farther up than it would a larger person. :)

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I expand my house so my office was on the main floor and had windows then finish the basement off and BAM give the kids the bedroom of their dreams!!!

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Have a spa day. Not just 1 or 2 things, but 8 hours worth of facials, body wraps, massages, mani/pedis, hair treatment…okay, I’ll stop now.

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I would buy another persian cat from where I got my last one even though I never brush the ones I have and let them roam the farm and get bugs stuck in their fur and then take them to the groomer to get shaved to where it looks like they have little fur boots on. Then I would like to go bill fishing in Costa.

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@knotmyday: On NetFlix you can rent several seasons’ worth of Jeeves and Wooster, the British TV series. Stephen Fry is the Jeeviest of Jeeveses. Bonus attraction: Hugh Laurie as a fresh young lad speaking his native pre-House tongue.

As for me, I’ve done a lot of frivolous stuff. For some real fun, I wanted to be Queen of England.

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I would rent four dozen Basset Hound puppies and play on the floor with them and my daughter.

On a side note: Have you ever known someone who is both rich and clueless? People who partake of these frivolous things regularly and can’t understand why everyone doesn’t get spa treatments weekly (for example)?!

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@cprevite—I live and breathe among the rich and clueless; most of them new rich and clueless. They are a peculiar bunch…no sense of realism, no sense of restraint. It will be interesting to see how the current economic climate affects them; if at all.

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@bythebay: From what I’m seeing and hearing from the ones I know and work with, the downward economics only effects them in big picture ways. The Summer home they were going to sell is only valued at 2 million now. Oh, the horror.

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Ever since I saw this video I really want to open or find a bar that is actually ball pit, like the ones in IKEA.

Also to have a house full of baby pets, wakeup to little puppies, kittens, awwww!

@cprevite Also work amongst some of the more moneyful. bythebay is right – it’s mostly larger market and asset changes that they have to make, they’ll definitely continue their crazy lifestyle. One complained about being ‘forced to’ significantly reduce their charitable giving budget this year. I’m not sure if that’s being incredibly entitled or decent.

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@artificialard house full of baby pets leads to a house full of baby pet poop…gross

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Commission statues of my friends and have them
installed around the city in conspicuous places.

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@nimis: that is awesome! I lurve the idea!

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Buy myself a car just for me. No minivans, or station wagons…but not a luxury car, either. I want a Jeep Wrangler, dammit. Fun and completely impractical for someone with 3 kids.

@cprevite: My first husband’s grandparents were very wealthy and completely out of touch with reality. When I was 21, we bought a townhouse. It had taken us two years of voluntary poverty and a $1500.00 gift from them to scrape up the $5000.00 down payment necessary to do so. When we told them we had purchased the townhouse, she said “Oh, that’s so exciting! Now you’ll have to buy all new furniture for it!” As if we had any money left!

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I want to buy a pink leather motorcycle jacket that I’ve found.

I like the safety of wearing leather, but jackets hide my boobiledge. I don’t like being mistaken for a guy.

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One day, I want to go hiking naked.

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