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Has anyone had coconut milk ice cream?

Asked by purephase (749points) November 10th, 2008 from iPhone

My girlfriend is vegan so I’m always on the lookout for alternatives. This looked interesting but pricey. Wanted an opinion before I commit.

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Haven’t tried it. Rice Dream brand ice cream is pretty good, though. But only the regular flavors. The “Supreme” and “Celestial Seasonings” and whatnot… those flavors are all terrible. Or maybe it’s just the texture. But something’s definitely wrong with it. Anyway, point is: regular Rice Dream flavors are good.

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yeah, I had that and Tofutti. The “tofutti cuties” are effin’ amazing.

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It sounds good.

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I haven’t had the ice cream but I have had the popsicles, which were really damn good, as are tofutti cuties. (My sister is vegan.) Vegan cake is also much more enjoyable and I’d buy it any day over “regular” cake.

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Hell yes, and it ROCKS!!

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i don’t know, but that sounds like one of the most delicious inventions of god or man.

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No I’m sorry I haven’t had ice cream but I have had coconut custard and that was deeeelicious.

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I’ll definitely vouch for coconut ice cream. Especially if you’re talking about Coconut Bliss. Sure, it’s expensive. But if you’re asking Fluther about it, that tells me you’re serious about checking it out. It is DEFINITELY worth the $6 or whatever it goes for. At least as an experiment (if not a new religion).

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thanks everyone, it’ll be on my next shopping list. ;)

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Instead of getting hooked on an expensive brand, buy an icecream maker. I’m sure there are plenty vegan recipes out there. I’ve made regular ice cream with coconut. It’s fabulous.

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