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How many gallons per mile do road crews get?

Asked by syz (35525points) November 11th, 2008

I have a coworker who want to know before she dies – how far do the machines that lay down (for example, the solid yellow lines) road paint get out of a gallon of paint?

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Call your local Dept. of Transportation. Here it is maintained by the township and everyone knows the Highway Superintendent.

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if that’s all she wants to know before death, I envy your friend

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Her other lifelong question was “Why is it always 10 minutes for Chinese take out, no matter what you order?”

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Because she is not there for the chopping, dicing and slicing, which take place before business hours.

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hahahahaha @syz our local Chinese place is always “15 mintues”. We have wondered the same thing… matter what the order or the size…

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This supplier of traffic paint says that 1 gallon of paint will produce up to 450 ft. of 4” wide line, so it would take almost 12 gallons to paint 1 mile of continuous line.

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Her other lifelong question was “Why is it always 10 minutes for Chinese take out, no matter what you order?”

The timing is unnessarily 10 mins . Some shop might take 15 mins. Most of chinese shop’s fried rice are cooked on spot and provided that the number of customers are resonable it could take only 10mins to prepare a fried rice with all the ingredients ready. Other dishes like swt and sour prk/chicken, bean curd with pork, etc are usually cooked in bulk and probably also left overs from yesterday. All you need to do is to reheat it. If a person wants to cook a proper chinese dish, say 3 dishes ( vege, meat, soup_) it could easily take 2 hour plus to get the dishes done from preparation till serving. Moreover, the take away menus are easy to cook dishes and doesnt require much time provided the ingredients are prepared beforehand.

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