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When you have work done in your home do you have a problem w/ the construction workers using your bathroom?

Asked by Snoopy (5783points) November 11th, 2008

Do you expect it?
Do you tell them not to?
Would you prefer they ask first?

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I prefer they ask first, but I don’t mind so long as they are neat.

Now if they pee on the floor or leave grime in the sink, I’d be a little annoyed and mention it.

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Should I say this to them: go hehind that tree in the backyard!

just kidding

I let them use the 1st floor one.

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What if they leave grime on the floor and pee in the sink?

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I would appreciate being asked first, but they are certainly welcome to use it. I would expect that they would. I also usually offer them something to drink.

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I generally expect it and appreciate it if they ask first (often necessary so they can, you know, find it easily). I also generally offer some water or something during or after the work is completed. No reason not to act like a good hostess and you get much better work that way.

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I always expect it. Having to clean up a bathroom after construction works leave is just part of the cost of home improvement. I don’t really care if they ask first. If they are working for an extended period logic says that at some point they will need to go to the bathroom.

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Well, as someone who at one point worked in construction I would have to say that it is an unspoken expectation for interior construction that the client will allow you to use their bathroom. With roofing/siding/outdoor stuff… it is more common to have a portable toilet. With that said, it is definitely not alright for a worker to just prance in there like they own the place without the consent of the homeowner. You always ask first to get the go ahead… but not necessarily every time thereafter.
Most of the guys that I have worked with have tried very hard to keep things clean. In my particular group, we had an official policy that we would clean up the bathroom when we were doing the final clean up of the job site… if we were allowed to use it.
As far as saying to a construction crew that they CAN’T use the restroom… you better be damn sure to offer them an alternative that is not too unreasonable. If you live on the fifth floor and you want your workers to climb up and down 10 flights to use a stinky porta-crapper… well lets just say you are not making any friends.

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#1 is ok #2 is frowned upon. I think you have to ask yourself how would I want to be treated if I needed to use the litter box. Anyone who has to constantly use the head should have stayed home that day, you can’t camp out in the customers john. If the customer has a problem with outsiders using their bathroom then the contract should specify a portajohn be on the worksite. Most good contractors let their workers know what’s acceptable and what’s not. If a worker does anything less than professional most bosses would like to know so they don’t lose good customers. The best thing you can do is let the workers know what you expect from them, concerning anything at your house. Good luck.

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rent a portable

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I would anticipate bodily functions as part of the job process, and indicate which restroom to use, put out towels that can be tossed, leave cleaning supplies in plain view, where brushes, etc. are to be cleaned, etc. Clear, even written communication up front makes life so much easier.

I’ve lived through several large scale renovations, and have always made expectations clear before the first day of work, like what time I’m expected home, and what I expect to see in terms of order and cleanliness. I’m sure I paid a little more for it, but it was worth the sanity to walk in at the end of work, and find the construction refuse out of the house, trash taken out, common area swept, etc.

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I don’t mind, I actually prefer if they use my bathroom, because my doors have no locks so when they step into the bathroom, I quietly count to 5, kick the door in and yell really loudly “get back to work” or some-times I shoot my gun into the door a few times and see how quickly they run out of my bathroom, try it

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I never let these people inside my home. I tell them upfront to either bring a porta potty or go the service station nearby.

Many times, I have answered burglary calls, where the construction workers were guitly of theft from the home they were working at or came back later, after knowing what was inside a home.

Sorry, but I do not trust a lot of people.

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