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What are your views on breastfeeding?guys..voice your opinion too?

Asked by adri027 (1415points) November 11th, 2008 from iPhone

I’m about to be a mom but I’m not going to give my child boob I’m going to get that shot to prevent the milk from coming. I know it’s the best thing to do and I’ve heard people say how special it is (weird) but I just can’t see myself doing that it’s kind of weird and nasty to me and wouldn’t it hurt..not down. I need to lay out the pros and cons but highly doubt my mind will change. Oh by the way do you guys know anybody older that has tried boob milk I don’t mean off of the teet (sickos) I read this thread earlier that brought up a good point about how cow milk isn’t meant for us

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I’d ask your obstetrician and pediatrician for advice before making any irrevocable decisions.

Also, you’re about to have an infant. This is probably the worst possible time to be squeamish about bodily functions.

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Nurse your baby! Not only is the milk from your body perfect for her (or him) but it nursing is also great for you! For women who nurse, they get their figures back faster, they have lowered chances of breast cancer. For the babies, they average 7 points higher on intelligence tests. Better jaw development, less need for braces. And you hold them. Otherwise, you might just prop up your kid with a bottle.

But the real reason to do it is because it is the most wonderful, special way to hold and feed your baby. The child will look into your eyes, and you will look into her eyes, and you will understand what love is. And it feels real good.

Don’t miss out. And I would also recommend some parenting classes. They can be very useful for new mothers.

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I think it’s perfectly natural and, for most babies and moms, it’s the best for both. It didn’t work for me, with either child. I never produced -and I drank and ate like I was supposed to drink and eat – but never produced enough milk.

You can’t beat the price. Formula is very costly, especially if your child(ren), like mine, have allergies, and you are stuck with buying incredibly expensive specialty formula.

Believe me, there is nothing truly gross about the process…what is gross is when your baby poops on your hand, pees down the front of your shirt or spits up in your hair.

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I agree it’s creepy, and personally, I would not do it.

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There have been a lot of studies that correlate breastmilk to smarter, healthier children. It’s definitely worth looking into extensively if possible.

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I agree with cwilbur. What if your baby is allergic to formula? I totally see your point of view with it seeming nasty. With my first child I shared some of the same views as you do, so I bottle fed. I got a lot of guff from pro breast feeders and that made me feel like I was jipping my kid out of something. I now have a 6 month old who I planned on bottle feeding, well lo and behold she is allergic to formula, so I ended up nursing her. both have their pros and cons. My advice to you would be do what you feel comfortable with and don’t let people make you feel like less of a mother because you choose one way over the other. BOTH WAYS ARE GREAT!

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Sometimes it is a good idea to check out the profile to see who we are talking to. I’m not completely understanding adrii’s squeamishness since she listed as an interest cannibalism way ahead of children. But we can’t expect a lot of logic from someone who professes a high interest in cannibis, but that also might be why she doesn’t want to breastfeed-bong before baby

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Is your priority to never do anything gross or to raise smart, healthy kids?

“CONCLUSION: This meta-analysis indicated that, after adjustment for appropriate key cofactors, breast-feeding was associated with significantly higher scores for cognitive development than was formula feeding.”

“These findings strongly support a dose-dependent association between longer duration of breastfeeding and decrease in risk of overweight.”

“CONCLUSIONS: Exclusive breast-feeding during the first months after birth is associated with lower asthma rates during childhood.”

“CONCLUSION: Exclusive breast-feeding during the first 3 months of life is associated with lower incidence rates of atopic dermatitis during childhood in children with a family history of atopy.”

“Conclusion: Exclusive breastfeeding during the first 3 mo after birth protects against allergic rhinitis in children, both with and without a family history of atopy.”

….and so on.

@galileogirl: Cannibalism vs. cannabis.

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@galileogirl: she mentions marijuana three times. Dank and kush, according to the Urban Dictionary, are both terms for marijuana of various types.

Interesting profile.

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gallileogirl- come on if I do breastfeed i’m not going to be doing drugs I know it’s not good I probably won’t even be doing drugs at all. camnibalism isn’t something I would do I don’t want to die from the laughing death it just interests me how people actually do it and like it same on the murders part I wonder what’s going on in those peoples minds ergo it interests me and yes I must say my profile is interesting..I am an interesting person after all. And people don’t be quick to judge

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I would feed my baby straight from the boob. I would rather put the mother milk in the baby (which I think we all agree is suppose to go in the baby).

I say just stay off the drugs for a bit and breastfeed the kid.

Would you rather trust your own body or the people who develop formula? Would you rather trust a corporation that wants your money or yourself? Would you rather trust the natural order of things (or God’s plan or whatever) or someone who considers even barely keeping a baby alive… success?

You’re going to push a baby out of your lady parts, clean up it’s pee and poo for years… and breastfeeding is what makes you squeamish?

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That’s why I questioned your priorities, it seems less about being squeamish and more about your interest in pot, I’m sure you wouldn’t do both. The big question is which you are thinking about giving up.

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this is one of those posts that tests my ability to bite my tongue about grammar

I know it is mean, but come on!

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All this talk is making me really thirsty.

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@AstroChuck – bwah.

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Galli-how does it seem about my interest in pot? You’re way out…I don’t think I mentioned in the details “I want to get zooted so I don’t want to breastfeed” you’re an odd one you had a problem with my other question too because I said good.

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Solve it for us adri027, does pot have any bearing on the question at hand for you?

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People tend to have very strong feelings about breastfeeding. It is noone’s business what you ultimately decide to do. Do what you and your doctor feel is the best for you and your baby.

I bottle fed both of my children. They are bright, intelligent, healthy kids.

…And we never, ever propped a bottle up for our kids. They were always held in our arms for every single feeding. This can occur just as easily w/ a breastfed baby via pumped milk, BTW.

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It’s your choice, but I don’t find breast-feeding creepy or strange whatsoever.

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What makes women bad mothers if they rely on formula to feed their babies? I KNOW that breast milk is best for your child but that dosen’t make mothers who choose to bottle feed lesser mothers. And might I add that if adri027 is truely into drugs she is a BETTER mother for choosing to not breastfeed her baby. How many mothers breastfeed and don’t give up the drugs.

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Bodyhead:honestly that has not even been on my mind but I would definitely give it up for my baby.

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Um, wow. It’s a natural process. If you think that’s “weird and nasty”, wait til you see what comes gushing out of your hoo-haa when you have the kid.

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@lynzeut : good point about the choice b/w giving up the drugs and breast feeding. I am not sure if that is her motivation for choosing not to breastfeed, but it is a good point to consider.

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syz: haha don’t remind me im not thinking about it until the moment actually comes which is supposed to be today…

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@syz Ick. Thanks for reminding me. Yuck!

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Also adri, the shots don’t always work completely. You could still be dealing with wet spots the size of saucers for weeks. Now that is inconvenient!

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I think breast feeding is fine, until a certain age. I mean this is just fucking weird.

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Pretty interesting to read people finding breast feeding to be weird. Unappealing to some, maybe, but weird? Seems like one of the most natural things, if there is such a thing as a scale of naturalness.

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über: I was scared to click it but I did. That’s out of hand!

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As a mother to be you will be making many choices for you and your child. In this day and age we have many resources at our disposal to help make practical decisions. You can talk to your doctor, go to the library and get information and or do research on your computer. Sometimes it helps to keep an open mind. I think you are wise to look at the pros & cons before you make your decision.

Good luck on the choice that you make and it is my hope that you will have a healthy pregnancy and a safe delivery.

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Breast milk is the best food you can give to your new born. It has the right nutrient for ur kid to develop antibody to fight of desease and the contents of the milk change with time to suit the development of your child. Research shows also that breast fed babies grow up healthier and stronger than those drinking cow milk.

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Whether you believe in creation or evolution, it’s the whole purpose of our breasts. We are Mammals.

I breastfed my son, and tasted the milk… it smells and tastes so much better than formula (the smell of which makes me gag).

I’m not a hippy or a breastfeeding militant, but I know that breastmilk is not only better for the babies health and neurological development; and also for the mom’s post-birth recovery and reducing breast cancer risk; but it’s also FREE and easily transported!! I loved not having to lug bottles and their paraphenalia with me everywhere we went!

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I used to be a breastfeeding Nazi. Truth is, if you don’t feel comfortable, don’t do it. If you’re that uptight about it your milk probably won’t come in anyway. The biggest problem that you might encounter is if your baby is allergic to milk. Some babies just can’t tolerate any other food.
When I had my kids, and especially when my mother had kids, breastfeeding was frowned on. My mothers doctor actually said, “go ahead and breastfeed if you want to poison your baby.”
Times have changed, but the truth is, YOU are the mom. trust your instincts and don’t let anyone guilt on you for doing what you feel in your heart is best for you and your baby.
Congratulations on becoming a mom. I have had several jobs in my life and motherhood is the most honorable profession I have ever had.

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Breast feeding is simply better for the child. It seems kind of selfish to deny your child the benefits of being breastfed just because you think it’s weird or gross.

Here are a bunch of reasons to breastfeed.

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I am simply astounded. Breast-feeding is creepy?

Personally, the people who have said that are about as out-there as someone who hates people for racial reasons or someone who doesn’t like the gay-lifestyle for some irrational reason… Which means what you say from here on out means zilch to me.

Seriously. Milk from a mother, to her child…is creepy? wtf has happened to our society?

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I am with squirbel, astonishing! Nasty, weird, creepy? Ummm, it is the most natural thing in the world and it is the whole reason we are built that way. sheesh.shaking my head
Okay, here is a story about my ignorant brother and his strange brand of humor. Twenty nine years ago when I was pregnant, he spied my LeLeche League information on the counter. He said “I take it from all this propaganda that you are going to breast feed.”. I said “um yes”. He said “All right, but if I ever catch you on a Greyhound bus doing it in front of twenty seven people, I’ll rip your lips off!”. shaking my head in remembrance

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I think everyone should lighten up. This is a beautiful and natural thing.

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@astro that video is no longer available

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Video works okay for me.

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It’s a tough crowd, can people really control what they find creepy? I think we can all agree that Adri should consider breastfeeding and do what’s best for her, she’s here asking for information

Blood is a perfectly natural and I’m sure wonderful thing many people are freaked out about… would that be more acceptable than saying breastfeeding freaks you out?

Some people can’t handle riding in an elevator… if they deal with it in their life, what’s it to ya?

I’ve heard from several people before Adri that breastfeeding strikes them as strange in some way, some say it’s just the fact that they’d have to occasionally whip “the boob” out in public, one said she felt like she would be feeding a parasite. None of them were mothers as of yet.

Give the lady a chance, she’s having her first child soon, I’m sure a lot of things are creepy right now.

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@funkdaddy: I see what you’re getting at – but I disagree.

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Is it getting hot in here or is it just me?

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Did you watch the vid I posted? If so, and you’re getting warm….lawl!


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Congratulations. This is such an exciting time. You are going to have so many choices to make, it may feel overwhelming at times. Scratch that. It WILL feel overwhelming at times. Just be good to yourself and take a moment to take a deep breath now and then.

As far as breast feeding or not is concerned, there are plenty of arguments for it. Breast is best IF you can do it. You’re making choices for your child that can impact his or her life. It might be inconvenient, but motherhood is full of inconvenience. I was not able to breastfeed for more than a few weeks with either of my kids. I dried up and nearly killed myself trying to get milk to come back in. I definitely feel like I missed out. That’s a little selfish, but there it is. Of course, breast feeding offers up it’s own inconveniences. There will be soreness, engorgement, leaks, people in public who give you the eye, etc.

Formula costs a mint. Be prepared for more spit ups and you can expect to get to the point where you are paying more than 50 dollars a week pretty quickly IF your child tolerates basic formula. So many children don’t. Specialized formulas can cost over $100 a week. Don’t forget to add in the cost of bottles and nipples. Breastmilk is free.

Be prepared to plan ahead at all times. You will need to have bottles made or know you will be able to make up bottles anytime you are out. If you’re out for a day, you’ll need to haul around all meals for the day and keep them insulated. Far easier to just haul your boob around.

Formula will not offer the antibodies, anti allergens and nutrients needed to develop some of the brain functions as well. Breast fed babies get sick less, have fewer allergies, etc. That being said, formula fed babies don’t turn into evil mutations and try to take over the world. ;~)

Of course, if you choose to not breast feed, it’s okay. 20 years from now, people will not be able to look at a room full of people and pick out your child as the one who wasn’t breast fed. Every mother has to do what is right for her and her family. You are the only one who knows what’s really right for you. Do what is best for you and your family and you and your baby will be just fine. If you choose to formula feed, and people give you a hard time, don’t let them make you feel guilty. There are a lot of nipple nazis who equate formula feeding with bad parenting. It just isn’t so.

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@Chuck, you sir are always hot… but I hope there’s no heat on the topic…
I can’t get your video link to work either

@squirbel – that works for me

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chuck’s link worked for me…. it’s how I found the one I linked…


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Your choice but there’s more to it than just the delivery of food part. Do more research on the impact the child will have if fed formula instead of actual breast milk. But it’s your call. Personally if it were me, I’d do the research and then opt for what makes the child healthy.

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I am repeating what skfinkel said, so you can reread her answer and skip mine.

If you have decided to get pregnant, feel the baby growing inside of you for nine months, deliver it and fall in love with this perfect, tiny vulnerable new life, how can you talk about breast feeding the way you do? “Kind of weird and nasty”? You use “weird” twice. Why do you want a child? A baby poops, pees, spits up (much less with breast milk), projectile vomits (much less with breast milk,) gets colic (much less with breast milk).

To me. breast feeding was part of the miracle; easy, thrilling and affording the intimacy of bonding in every way. I never thought of it as “giving my child boob.” It was an experience I would not have traded for anything. I do, understand, however, that some women cannot. But to choose not to for reasons that I find incomprehensible is beyond me. All female mammals are designed to nourish their babies.

And no, it doesn’t hurt. Initially, when your milk comes down, your breasts feel hot and swollen, but the minute the baby starts to nurse and empty them, they stop feeling uncomfortable.

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There is sometimes pain initially, due to both engorgement and nipple tenderness. As your child and you adjust, it fades quickly. I breastfed all 3 of my children, and loved every minute of it. When my milk dried up, I was so sad to end the process. For the record, all 3 girls were remarkably healthy and are bright, happy children.

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I breastfed both of mine until they were 15 months old. They got only breast milk until around 5 months, when they started solid food. At around 7–8 months, we only nursed at night, or if they were really stressed. Both started day care at 8 weeks, so I was pumping and freezing milk.

Actually, I stayed with it for so long for very selfish reasons- 1) Poopy diapers from breast fed babies don’t smell as bad as formula fed babies, and 2) It was easier to put them to bed at night, and 3) Night time feedings were much easier. I never really nursed out in public, but would throw a blanket over us if we were out, and she decided it was time.

Both of mine were extremely healthy, happy, and I was sad to have it end, because of the bonding aspect. They are just so sweet when they fall asleep snuggled up to you.

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weird, astrochuck your link works fine for me now. I guess my interwebs were just going screwy.

@squirbel i posted that same vid ^

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I’m still trying to figure out the creepy part…creepy was trying to figure out how my daughter and son were rearranging my internal organs, while taking up residence in me.

I agree with others, you have to do what you are comfortable with, not what people tell you to do. I truly wish it would have worked for me, but it didn’t. My children are smart, well-adjusted kids. You can’t pick them out as the “non-breastfed” children.

Really, in the scheme of things, it’s not creepy. You might be like other moms…you kind of just lose all sense of modesty, after childbirth. You just gave birth, the world has seen your hoo-ha…truly, what is one more thing?

If you decide to try it, while in the hospital, have the lactation nurse help you – they are wonderful! It also keeps you from doing it the wrong way.

Whatever you decide, good luck!

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@squirbel, I actually know a woman who breast fed her daughter until she was 9. She also believes rainbows send secret spiritual messages to her and thinks cleaning with vodka will keep the house spirits happy so they won’t invade her dreams at night.

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@mamasu…she cleans with vodka???

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methinks she is drinking it on teh sly.

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For me the “creepy” part was a modesty issue. I am just not the kind of person to “whip it out in public”. I plann my outings around feedings. I do everything I can to be at home or in a setting where I am not exposed at all. When feedings do have to happen in public I either find a restroom and sit in there while feeding or do it in my car. You have to be respectful of adri027’s feelings even if you don’t share them. Having bottle fed my first and breastfed my second I will say that I plan to nurse my subsequent children. My oldest is a brilliant child but does have some health problems. I am hoping that things will be different for my second as far as the health department goes. Also, a small note… while breast milk is tailored to meet your childs personal needs the American Academy of Pediatrics now says you should supplement breast feeding with vitamin D because breast milk dose not contain an adequate ammount.

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I do not have to be respectful. In general, I am respectful of others’ opinions. In this case, I was so abhorred that I rejected her opinion.

I recognize that my rejection is unfriendly, and stated as much.

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@cak, yep. Expensive cleaner, don’t you think

@squirbel, I think she has a natural drunk going on.

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@mamasu As mentioned my kids were bottle fed. I found forumla (Similac) to cost $16—$20/week (not $50). Perhaps we live in different areas of the country?

Additionally, I would recommend that when you go out, you take bottles, w/ dry formula measured out in them….and a bottle of water. Mix and go. No need to carry a cooler, etc.

Also, you do not need to warm the formula. You can mix it and have the bottles ready to go….I fed them straight from the ‘frig (as per doctor’s suggestion).

Again, do what you and your doctor feel is best for you and your child. People have strong feelings about this….as Judi mentions you are the baby’s mother and only you and the daddy can know what is best for your baby.

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Just to be clear, I did breastfeed my kids until they weaned themselves. I loved every minute of it, but I had friends who were less comfortable with it. One felt guilty because she felt sexually stimulated. I almost lost some really good friendships by being judgemental about their choices not to breastfeed. As I have matured I have learned to respect each mothers choices and not push my personal value system off on them.

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The mere fact that there even is such a thing as shots, legally injected (?) makes me feel discomfortable.

Becoming a parent comes with a responsibility. It’s not just your choice, it’s a choice that has to be made for the best of your child, too. Common sense tells me that if nature made us breast feeding, why wouldn’t that be THE most optimal and healthy route for you as well?

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makemo: Lucky you that you were able be with your child after the birth. If your child is miles from where you live and unable to suckle, it is either take the shot or leak contiuously for weeks until you dry up anyway.

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I was in grad school when I gave birth. I brought my pumping equipment with me to my practicum sites and everything. When there’s a will, there’s a way.

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Well the technology wasn’t there 40 years ago and even if there had been the baby couldn’t use breast milk.

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I pumped by hand, too; because none of the pumps I tried fit my large breasts well… No technology needed, other than a refrigerator to put the pumped milk into.

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well to everyone that was kind and respected my opinion thank you I have looked at the sites and found useful information. Everybody else needs to stop being so uptight you think one way I think another way we’re individuals..

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And I’d like to add that when breastfeeding, the mother experiences the “let down” when the milk starts to flow… at that time, oxytocin flows into the bloodstream causing the most amazing sense of calm and well-being. I don’t know if it’s been researched, but I feel this chemical reaction within the mother reduces postpartum depression. It was the best high I ever felt, and I partied and experimented back in my time.

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adri027 I would have respected your opinion if you had asked the question differently. I think saying things like “give the child boob” and rambling about weird and nasty did not make the reader feel as if the question deserved any respect or dignity.

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@SoapChef: BRAVO! Well said!

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well you are giving them boob and I just mentioned weird twice and nasty once as I said before it’s my opinion you’re just crying.

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I think, for the most part, new, younger mothers are the ones who tend to think breastfeeding is gross or weird. I have some theories as to why, which quite honestly, would begin another (probably long) thread. It ties in to the fact that females at younger and younger ages are becoming far more violent, less empathetic and less “motherly” (as the word was previously known), and far, far more… Sexual and disconnected. All in all, they’re becoming more like males, in almost every regard.

As a side note, I do not personally believe in gender roles, but societies in general tend to, which is what I’m talking about.

So basically, younger women are starting to view breasts as pure sexual objects (as a lot of men tend to do) and not something nature intended them to feed babies with – hence the “weird” and “gross” part, because mixing what you use to get or give sexual pleasure to someone else, combined with feeding your baby creeps a lot of young women out.

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You seem awfully immature, adri, are you sure you’re old enough to be having a child?

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Seriously? I can somewhat understand WHY you’d think it was creepy, since breasts are often viewed as fully sexual objects, but breastmilk is designed for babies to drink. If you have it and have no problems nursing/getting your baby to nurse, why would you deny them something that’s made for them AND is free?

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just be discrete.

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My sister’s son was born a month prematurely, in 1972. Every day my sister pumped her breasts manually; and her husband drove the bottled breast milk to the hospital, 30 miles away. My nephew spent four weeks in the neo-nate unit, drank his breast milk, grew his lungs and thrived.

Today he is 6’4” and has a brilliant career as a top photographer for Nike, Minicooper, 50 Cent, Steve Carrell (& other Office cast), Thyroid Awareness, Motorola, etc, high fashion, and original and creative art photos, many of which are in well-known museums.

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I highly recommend breastfeeding! I breastfed my son until he was about 15 months and I wasn’t ready to stop when I did. (I had to because of being in the hospital and all the medicine I had to take.) It is the best thing you can do for your baby. It has so many health benefits and it is an emotional thing too. It was my special time with my little man. I guess it was kind of weird to get used to, maybe for the first 20 minutes… You will fall in love. I think you should atleast give it a chance. It does hurt like hell but it is more than worth it. Please, please atleast try.

And as far as trying breastmilk goes, I tried my milk and even convinced two other people to. (Ha, one was the father the other was a friend. Long story.) It is very sweet. Babies love it.

I recommend you browse this website

edit: Also, how can you say breast feeding is gross? It is the most natural thing in the world. I have read through a few other posts and everyone on here has it right. You will deal with much worse things once that baby is here. Within the first 3 months you will lose counts of all the times you will be peed/pooped on. Really think about your choice before you make a decision.

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@drasticdreamer- I can see your point, but I was a very young mom and I breastfed. I don’t think it is just younger girls, I think it is just what society is turning it into. I can’t tell you how many people would look at me with disgust when I fed my son in public. You could never see anything, but it was obvious what I was doing with a blanket around my shoulder. The looks I got were mostly from middle aged people. (I’d say 50’s-60’s) I sometimes got my feelings hurt when people made it very obvious they were whispering about me. The friends I had that were in my age group never seemed to mind. I think it just depends on perspective. In my perspective it was the older generations who frowned down upon me more than my generation.

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I frequent a little café here in my little town. Twice a week, young mothers with toddlers come in for lunch after the kids have had a play group. Last week four of moms also brought babies under 6 months with them. During the hour I was there, every baby was breast-fed.

No one looked askance, horrified, upset, frowned or even noticed. The moms draped a diaper over the exposed part of breast and the babies blanketed the rest. No screaming, tantrums…business as usual. The diners included the retired crowd, the local business people who were grabbing lunch or a latte, some tourists. A totally normal non-event.

When I chose to breast-feed my first child, in 1960, I was in the minority. My friends used bottles and asked me dozens of questions. I found the experience beyond duplication. For my first try, in the hospital, the nurse handed me the baby( who was swaddled) and then fled. John and I stared at each other for a few minutes. And then we figured it out. Attach intake orifice to spigot. Swoon with joy (both of us).

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@gail it’s definitely different now! My nurse was awesome. She literally crawled in the bed with me and uh… grabbed the situation by the horns? :)

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@krose, my second nurse was like that. The first one yelled at me and told me I was doing it wrong. I told her to get out. The next nurse was an angel. She was kind and gentle in giving directions and didn’t shy away from a hands on approach. She came in at least once a day and called once a week for several weeks to check up on us.

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My opinion is that it’s more or less an obligation for the mom, and the rest of her self dignity, to breast feed her newborn for as long as at least 7 months.

That is to say, IF she physically can. On the other hand, if complications arise, to such a degree that it’s not possible, it’s a whole different scenario. My wife initially suffered from severe breast cake, but hung in there, to the best of her efforts. Eventually she were able to ride out the storm and become able to feed our son with her own milk. And for that, I’m very proud and happy for what she did. Breast milk is as close to nature as you can get when feeding babies.

It’s a dumb and poor choice taking the risk of only letting your child be “worthy” of the second best.

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@makemo, I don’t think that it is fair to say that mothers who bottle feed/fed their babies are/were deeming their children unworthy of breast milk. Babies who are bottle fed are nurtured and loved just like babies who are breast fed.

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Well I tried but she didn’t take it. I think they bottle fed her in the nursery and fucked it all up.

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So you had your baby? Congratulations!

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yessum I did thank you.

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When our daughter (and only child) was born we were pretty much broke. For nearly a year we spent nothing on baby food, or formula, or anything of that nature, and I breast fed her exclusively, expressing milk for her when I had to return to work. She gained splendidly and did very well. She did not even need water.

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