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Graphic Designer for small job?

Asked by TheGreenBrideGuide (178points) November 11th, 2008

I recently found the site and am wondering if the same thing exists for people who draw/ design clothing? I am looking for someone to illustrate different veil an dress styles for my new website. I have pictures for them to work from and a $200 budget. Any ideas where to post to get bids?

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One slightly similar, yet largely disparate, place is Threadless. There’s also Pixish , which seems to be more targeted towards illustrations and such.

Some points of thoughts about this kind of places (I’m not sure I’d include Threadless among them, but, 99designs and similar design contest sites) can be read here:


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The best designers don’t work on spec, agreed.

How many illustrations are you talking about, and will they ever be used in print?

You could post an ad at Creative Hotlist, Coroflot, or even CraigsList.

I could do it but $200 seems low, I could maybe do two illos within that budget.

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Isnt Pixish closing in a few days?

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Yes, it is. Pixish is dead.

However if you’re looking for something like 99Designs you can try crowdSPRING that offers a little more structure and security in offering and contributing to these kinds of design solicitiations.

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There’s also logosauce (not saying I like anything about it, though). Some companies are paying a whopping $50 for a logo. Major sick, really.

Partaking in the identity branding of these kinds of companies may possibly ruin ones reputation, as they will probably go down the drain due to poor management and judgements, and your logo and a slice of your creative mark will go down with it, too.

At the very least, you wouldn’t want to include a logotype in your portfolio, which was made for a horrible company who paid 50 bucks for their logo, which is the most important identity element in corporate branding.

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