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Was anyone else reminded of Fluther while watching this commercial?

Asked by generalspecific (1874points) November 11th, 2008


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Funny you should ask this. YES! I’ve seen this ad before and thought of Fluther right away.
Of course, I often think of Fluther no matter what I am doing.

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YES! I dont even have to click on that link to know what commercial you were talking about. First time i saw i thought i was watching a fluther commercial LOL.

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It also reminded me of the iPhone.

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I’d never seen it before, but yes! I was almost expecting our lead jelly “Dr. J” to come out of the ocean in the first scene : )

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Haha, yeah, it did. Especially the question from the twins about fingerprints. I think I remember reading that exact question here…

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@asmonet: haha exactly, that was the one that made me go, “wtf is this a commercial for fluther?!”
i got a good laugh out of it anyway

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Yeah. they won’t make much money, because they can ask it here without buying a phone

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YES! I remember watching this commercial for the first time and said ” Ask Fluther” out loud. People looked at me funny…I guess they don’t know what Fluther is. I wonder where they have been?

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Too bad you didn’t ask “what did this commercial remind you of?” because I hadn’t seen it. I do strongly think I would’ve thought of Fluther :)

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