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Quicksilver or Spotlight?

Asked by queenzboulevard (2551points) November 11th, 2008

For Leopard, which one owns?

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I use Quicksilver to launch things and perform fast tasks. I use Spotlight to search for files and perform quick mathematical calculations.

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I now prefer Quicksilver cause Spotlight has royally pissed me off!

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Depends on what you’ll ask to Spotlight or QuickSilver…

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The only thing Spotlight is good at is indexing TimeMachine data & mail. Other than that.. everything you could need to accomplish on your mac can be done very fast with Quicksilver. Interested in how much of a ninja you can become.. check out my Mac productivity video. Quicksilver dominates! (and you can even calculate with it)

Watch the video at:

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Calculating things in Quicksilver requires an extra couple keystrokes over Spotlight. My time is valuable, man.

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Calculating things in Spotlight is lovely, except for you can’t copy the result and paste its somewhere else like you can in Quicksilver. Score: Quicksilver 542, Spotlight 3.5

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You Quicksilver freaks are all Nazis!

There, Graham’s Law envoked, this thread is over!

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OMG! Look! can you believe it! I can still type! It must be a miracle!

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I believe you meant Godwin’s Law. Also, point of interest, it doesn’t work that way.

+1 for Quicksilver. I will, in some situations, use Spotlight to find a given document. I also use it to find loose files when I’m uninstalling apps. For pretty much anything else, Quicksilver owns. Oh… and I’m on Tiger, not Leopard.

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I tried Quicksilver a while back, but didn’t like it. The only thing I ever used was it’s ability to assign function keys. I don’t see what’s wrong with Spotlight. It finds my files and applications quickly, so what’s wrong with it? Why are you guys so gung-ho about Quicksilver?

@jtvoar16: How in the world has spotlight pissed you off?

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It keeps finding the wrong files, not finding files at all, or crashing once I try to open the file. I have tried reinstalling, uninstalling, overinstalling, repairing, and still every time, it acts like Vista.

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I prefer spotlight, but i guess i’m the only one here :p

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quicksilver to launch Applications. spotlight to search files—a bit slow but gets teh job done :P

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@wilhel1812: I prefer spotlight as well.

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I am a loyal mac user, and have been for 15 years. Don’t waste cpu time on Spotlight – it’s doesn’t work clean and smooth. Quicksilver is a godsend, and is lightweight and quick…. as the name implies.

I have quicksilver bound to the eject button on my laptop [since I never use discs] for quick searching. I use quicksilver for everything – starting programs [my dock is empty and hidden], searching for files, going to websites…anything.

Jeez I love quicksilver.

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@anaphase: Spotlight is slow, and rarely indexes all of my files. I’ve had it miss files that were sitting in my Documents folder, and finding items in my Library is hopeless, even if the entire root Library folder has been added to my Spotlight list..


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Quicksilver for a launcher and some tasks and Spotlight for file searches.

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It doesn’t run on the Mac, but as a long time mac user and longtime linux user, I’ve found that gnome-do is quicksilver on steroids.

As far as quicksilver vs. spotlight, I find them completely different and suitable for their own tasks.

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QuickSilver has been in beta stage for too long. It is the last app that launches on my MBP. On the road, I usually quit it, but in the office i use the application for launching programs, execute calculations and uninstall applications with AppZapper.

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