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Do your eyes water when you yawn?

Asked by skabeep (927points) November 12th, 2008 from iPhone

mine do and I thought everyones did. My girl just asked if I was crying and claimed it never made hers water and she didn’t think it was normal. Anyone else’s eyes not water?

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Yes, my eyes water when I yawn. In fact, I was yawning just as I read this question and my eyes are watering right now.

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No more so than they do any other time I blink or close my eyes. (I just yawned too—I think this question is having the same effect as seeing someone yawn. I have to finish quickly, just talking about it is bringing the urge on again!)

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My eyes water constantly, so I couldn’t really say!

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sometimes if I go on a yawn streak, I actually have to wipe tears off my cheeks.

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One of my uncles is an optical surgeon, and he says that it’s a natural reaction to yawning. It might happen more if you wear contacts.

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Yes, always, I’m the same as poof, and it happens a lot of the time when I cough too.

omg, I just yawned too, haha

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Mine do. To alleviate the boredom, I pretend to be really really sad around people. “I can’t talk right now, I just need to be alone…”
lip tremble, sniffle

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yeah, mine water everytime I yawn and people always ask me if I’m ok, what’s wrong, why are you crying, etc…

Knotmyday- haha, that’s amazing, way to think…

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un-yawns often make me cry.

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mine water often – when I yawn & when the cold wind hits. I recently heard yawning was a way to “cool off your brain” a natural recation when it gets hot???? Has anyone ever heard of that?

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pdorris, i haven’t heard that before but it doesn’t sound too far-fetched, I always yawn when I’m doing exercise for some reason, so maybe it’s my reaction to cool down… re-visiting this question made me ywan :P

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