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How will you react if someone calls you an idiot ?

Asked by mea05key (1812points) November 12th, 2008

How will you cope with it?

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99% of other people’s opinions don’t mean anything to me. On top of that, its nearly impossible to take offense to something that isn’t true.

i.e. When someone in the south calls me a “faggot” based on the fact that I don’t look like a redneck.

A: I’m not gay.
B: So what if I was?

rolls off the shoulder

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I consider the source, then go on about my business.

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if IF? hahahaha.

If it’s over the internet, shrug it off. No one cares.

If it’s in real life, I would just be secure in the fact that they’ve got to draw their gun faster then me if things begin to escalate. If it’s not worth taking a life over (no words are) then it doesn’t really bother me.

You’re probably doing something right if you don’t agree with the status quo.

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I’m super sensitive to verbal insult. I guess, to answer, this question, I’d need to consider what I did to prompt this reaction from the accuser. I’d make my judgment based on that. Did I cut off someone in traffic? Then I’d react with regret. Did I voice my opposition to prop 8? Then I’d react with anger.

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It happens pretty regularly. Usually I spout off with a quick, decided, “Fuck you.”

I know he doesn’t mean it, it’s just how one of my friends relates to reality.

If it weren’t that special situation? I’d probably be rather taken back, but ignore it.

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I was on a jury once and a lady said, “Use your common sense!.” I was so angry, because I had more common sense in my little finger than this woman had in her entire body. She wanted me to find a man guilty of being in a gang when he robbed a bank (making the penalty much higher I’m sure) because he wore an orange construction vest and was black. I was not willing to do that until I studied all the evidence. This is after all a person’s life we’re talking about. I think I just fumed, and insisted we re hear testimony from a gang expert. Apparently the orange vests were part of an initiation process for a particular gang. I still felt iffy about it, but that was enough for me to still find him guilty. I wasn’t about to just jump to that conclusion though, and I was highly insulted that my common sense was challenged.

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I’ll feel blessed, for in weaknes I am strong .

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If they say it, I will deck them.

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In all honesty, I’d probably shrug it off because they’re only words and it’s only one person’s perception. In a career of law enforcement, I’ve been called many things by many people and I’ve developed a tough skin over the years. I wouldn’t be very good at my job if I acted out every time someone called me a name or someting. (And I am very good at my job).

I’m a decently educated person who makes sound decisions at least 2/3 of the time, if not more, so I know, deep down, that I’m really not an idiot. I can be comfortable with the fact that I won’t resort to name calling, myself, but instead I would rather point out to someone why I think they’re acting idiotic or problematically rather than labelling them as something.

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Response 1) “Takes one to know one.”
Response 2) ’“That’s what you are but what am I?”
Response 3) Laugh in their face.

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B, my favorite thing about your responses is that Pee Wee Herman gave all three of those responses in Pee Wee’s Big Adventure.

(they were to different insults but still. Hilarious!)

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It’s more like when someone calls me an idiot. And I pretty much consider the source and move on.

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Depends what context it’s in. i.e. It could be the last straw then I’d have to floor them, or it could just be some wanker in the street, then you shrug it off, or it could be a friend being an idiot themselves, then you either (a) leave it, (b) swear at them or (c ) punch them in the crotch

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It’s usually my dad and it usually happens when talking politics. He voted for Bush twice so I don’t really take it to heart.

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I usually just respond with a “That’s hardly the case.” or something similar and walk away.

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“How will you react….”

Let’s find out…

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I don’t think anyone has ever seriously said to me, “You’re an idiot.” Said in jest it would be like most things said in jest: laugh it off, but look for the truth behind it. I know I am not an idiot, so something else is going on.

But I have certainly heard “Don’t be an idiot,” which seems like good advice. As I recall, this kindly benefit may have been offered most commonly by my siblings, and chances are fairly good that I returned the courtesy.

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whatever happened to sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me. Did that saying get a beat down along with the offender.

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@Srthill; its more like sticks and stones will break my bones but names will only scar me mentally and emotionally forever.

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hey joey you have alot more back up than you probably think. Get with friends that support you and who you are and leave the insecure name callers in your dust. Scars leave scar tissue let it heal and be stronger next time, I’ve got your back. Good luck

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