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What are the 13 most important events/people in American history between 1800-1850?

Asked by Ricabella (8points) November 15th, 2006
My 7th/8th grade history class is skipping from the birth of the political parties to the Civil War. To cover the gap, I'd like to have students make a timeline covering the main events/people of this time period. 13 is the magic number as that's the number of students I have.
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Top of list: railroads and the robber barons who built them (compare and contrast to the Internet). Does the Lousiana Purchase fall in that time slot?
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Hmmm... The US- Mexico war ended in 1848 - seems important :)
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seneca falls declaration 1848, lucretia mott and elizabeth cady stanton!
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I'd love to know what "top 13" your 13 students chose for their project! Sorry I hadn't discovered fluther in time to participate in this one . . . Since you asked 8 months ago, I am sure this is most "ancient" history by now - Awesome question! Hope the projects went well for you and your students :-)

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