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What do you do first? Google it or ask Fluther?

Asked by jsc3791 (1988points) November 12th, 2008

Some of the questions on Fluther could easily be answered through a Google search or by looking something up on Wikipedia, and we often end up referencing links from both places.

So my question is: do you ask Fluther first or Google your question? Why?

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Google it, then ask fluther!!

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I usually ask fluther. I know what kind of things i can find on google and what i cant, most of my questions are things i cant find on google. And for those that i can find, i dont consider fluther in the first place.

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Most of my questions are feel good opinion questions, so I Fluther. When it is fact based, I google then Fluther.

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For fact-based stuff, I Google first. I Fluther it only if I can’t find the answer or need someone to explain it to me.

Opinion/advice stuff, Fluther. :)

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Google or Wiki first. Nearly anything can be researched on the web.

I’ve only asked 4 questions on Fluther, asking for experiential input rather than fact-based information I could easily look up myself.

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google first.
then fluther.

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Whenever I ask this question it gets deleted… I guess you were nicer about it… :D

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I usually go right to Google because there appears to be nothing that you can’t find by searching for it there. This mainly applies to material things and specific details I’m looking for regarding something like this.

As far as getting the human approach to a problem, opinion, thought, view, a lively debate, or anything else inbetween, Fluther works exceedingly well in this regard and I’ll go there first.

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wiki, google, fluther, that order, unless wiki can’t be applied ofcouse, i still sometimes wonder how we get so many users doing the exact opposite, i remember a question “who played the guitar solo on this n that song” and i found it in 10 seconds on wikipedia, oh well, some people

today a customer came in with a printer that said it had a paper jam, so i hooked it up, guess what…there was a paper jam, whole problem was solved in about a minute…

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It really depends on the question. If it’s a fact, it’s Google. However, on personal questions, Fluther can’t be beat.

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google. I only ask fluther questions that google can’t answer. Google doesn’t know what you all had for breakfast this morning! Google doesn’t know how serious you think the blue-footed booby problem is.

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google. It is fast, simple, and since I am new to fluther, I don’t think to fluther immediately.

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Google is very helpful, but Fluther is ALIVE!

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ALIVE, with personality♧

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And more than willing to smack people who fluthered when they should have googled.

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Google google google, always. Even the most obscure problems can be helped with looking at Google first. Many people have praised my method of finding information on the web, and I’m getting really tired of telling them that it’s not me, it’s just me using Google smartly.

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Google first.

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