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What do you think about saliva?

Asked by PupnTaco (13830points) November 12th, 2008 from iPhone

I like it ‘cause it keeps my mouth moist.

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lol, is this a joke off of the question i asked a minute ago?

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Hee hee

I like it ‘cause you can stick it on your finger and then poke it in someone’s ear.

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I really thought that said Salvia :P

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Chewing tobacco isn’t as enjoyable without it.

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I use it everyday, highly recommend!

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@trumi me too, the description didnt defer me from that thought either (i always drool on salvia)

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I’m totally dumbfounded on this one. I can’t think of a single thing I like about saliva and I know that I don’t want other people to put theirs on me, creatively or otherwise.

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dude this is comedy cause I thought chica’s question was about saliva.. Lmao.. If was was curious and wanted to try salvia, where in the greater los angeles area would one be able to purchase it.. Or should I ask this in the other question .. LOL

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I think it’s best kept to yourself.

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Necessary for digestion, but gross when guys spit it on the ground. Yuck!

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Without it, we would not have the shared human experience as a kid of our grandmothers trying to get a smudge off our face with a wet finger. Ranked in the top 10 grossest human experiences

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I like it because it starts making food mushy! And apparently it fights cavities; according to its packaging, the reason Orbit gum keeps your teeth clean is because it stimulates saliva flow, and increased saliva flow has been shown to correlate with people getting fewer cavities.

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comes in handy when talking, eating, and caring for teeth. Also needed for drooling or blowing raspberries.
Grateful to have it. Some don’t.

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There are a few sexual acts I can’t imagine without it!

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Drool makes me gag. Even my own. If I wake up and I’ve drooled on the pillow, I’m so grossed out. It’s why I don’t like dogs or babies.

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I like it because when I get thirsty and have no water around I can drink it and thus satisfy my thirst.

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A necessity, not a hallucinogen.

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i sure hope they don’t outlaw it in my state… ;-)

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You can’t taste anything without saliva present, saliva is a lysing agent meaning that it breaks stuff down, and when you expectorate saliva it becomes spit!

Saliva is also a moderately-tolerable to possibly-awful band. Spit on them as you will.

Saliva breaks down more substances than you might think. Saliva will someday breakdown Heidi and Spencer, and make them dissolve for their transgressions against humanity. A fitting end to people who aren’t worth spit, dissolving in it.

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