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IS it normal for my back to hurt more after beginning to see a chiropractor?

Asked by nocountry2 (3679points) November 12th, 2008

We very fortunately just got really good health insurance, and it covers chiropractors and massage therapy. I have scoliosis (just under the curvature degree needed for a brace) and a lot of lower back pain, but haven’t seen a chiropractor for a decade. This one seems good but after going for a month of adjustments and deep-tissue massage, my back is killing me. Is it possible it hurts because the muscles are re-training themselves or something? Or am I hurting myself?

Has anybody else experienced this?

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The only way to know for sure is to have a MD examine you and/or image your back.

I love Chiropractors and I am very good friends with 3 in town, acquaintances with many more. Each practice different techniques and each have different views on chiropractic care. Similar to MDs using different methods in their practice. One in particular, will tell you in a heartbeat, if you hurt go see a MD.

The pain could be caused by any of the things you mentioned so the only real way to know is to have images made. It could be completely normal or horribly wrong, so don’t assume or let anyone else assume for you. If it’s fine then go back to the chiropractor. Luckily you have good health insurance.

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I know it’s slightly off subject but who is your insurer and what is the plan? Thanks

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My husband had been seeing a chiropractor after a car accident. He helped him with his back pain and he suggested continued treatment. However, over time, my husband’s back began to hurt him again and when he was evaluated by his primary care physician, it was suggested that he give his back a rest and see what happened if he did stretching exercises.

My husband’s back slowly got better, thankfully, and he only goes to the chiropractor (not the same one….) for an adjustment here or there.

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Adujstments cause a bit of trauma themselves. Sometimes it’s necessary to inflict a measure of discomfort if a larger benifit is to be gained.

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