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Where can I find STRONG magnets?

Asked by xgunther (449points) August 23rd, 2007

For my physics class project, I want to make a vehicle propel down a track using magnets. Similar to Superman: The Escape at Six Flags Magic Mountain. Only on a much smaller scale (obviously).

Where can I find some STRONG magnets? My budget is $1,000

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I would Google "neodymium rare earth magnets"

I have never bought them online so I can't provide a link (that I trust) to a specific place to buy them.

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Hobby lobby .... you can buy these tiny magnets (~1 cm) and slightly larger ones that are super strong (pulls/push each other at about an inch)

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If you're looking for something big and bulky but quite strong, try going to an aircraft junkyard. Old radar systems used these huge U-shaped magnets that are quite powerful. Otherwise, an electro-magnet would probably be the way to go.

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I can suggest K&J; Magnetics (
I've used them several times to buy tiny magnets to hold works on paper on the wall (without putting holes in the works). They carry a nice variety of magnets.

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Try a local craft store, ask the worker there, they will lead you to a area of magnets. I bought some strong ones there.

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I can recommend the rare earth magnets. The electro magnets actually tend to not provide as much magnetic power with a reasonable amount of current. Though it usually is fairly easy to generate a large electro magnet, if you get on the order of a Tesla the power concumption becomes very prohibitive fort anything battery powered or otherwise current limited. If you need a way to switch on/off by far the easiest way would be the electro magnets - a permanent magnet switcher is a project in itself.

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earth neo magnets are super strong, get them cheap on ebay, just do a search .

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if its a school project perhaps you can inquire about renting the magnets as well.

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check out LIst on this page is a pack of rare earth for insanely cheap. Pretty small so maybe not that strong.

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