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Now that the election is over, When will Sarah Palin's 15 mins of fame be up?

Asked by Adina1968 (2752points) November 13th, 2008

She is soooo annoying. The sound of her voice is like fingers on a blackboard. When will we we stop hearing about her every day?

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As soon as the GOP picks up the pieces and figures out the real frontrunners for 2012. Once they realize that Palin has NO chance of being voted for by anyone other than the extreme conservative right, her star will fade and her time in the limelight will expire.

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One can only hope.

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With a DVR and Hulu, it doesn’t have to be, you betcha!

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But she is a parody of herself! How can you be annoyed? I fall off my chair laughing everytime I hear her!

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When her pregnant daughter marries someone. No one likes to rag on legitimate children, only the illegitimate ones!

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Unfortunately I think she’ll be taking her new found “fame” and be using it to launch it into a “career”. I use these terms loosely because really I think she should just give it up she is just a parody of herself.

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In about 2 seconds…

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Wait for it….wait for it.

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Don’t underestimate Sarah Palin. From mayor of a small town to VP candidate in 3 years speaks to an amazing ambition. She is not going quietly back to Juneau like a good little loser no matter what the GOP leadership wants.

She represents a part of the party that is used to having it’s own way. They believe God is on their side, literally. Remember they expect Him to give them victory so the other dieties won’t think He is chicken. If more centrist Republicans think they can back away from the religious right they may find it’s not that easy. The RR’s are perfectly capable of splitting the party and Sarah Palin is just their kind of candidate. Slick, nasty and the folksy charm of a QVC hostess.

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Go Dale, go!

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It’s interesting that this is the first time I’ve heard Juneau mentioned, all you ever hear is Wasilla, Wasilla, Wasilla.

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If you go out into the middle of nowhere (like say, Wasilla, Alaska) and drag a family of hillbillies out of the northwoods and throw a spotlight on them, chances are they’re going to love it, and when you try to take it away from them, there will be no end to which they will debase themselves to keep it.

galileogirl is right about the religious right who will try to force her down our throats in 2012 even if it means fracturing the party, but you kind of had that in 2008. Remember the Republican run up in the primaries? Sure McCain locked it pretty quick compared to Obama, BUT McCain was appealing to the more centrist part of the party, Romney was after the true fiscal conservatives, and Huckabee was after the religious right and each of them was winning in different places. Chances are, Palin will end up where Huckabee was if she tries to run in 2012.

But that’s not her only path, she might well get out of politics and host her own talk show, and when that fails there’s always Dancing with the Stars, and of course the downward spiral from there would be the Surreal Life, possibly Celebrity Boxing if Fox were to bring that gem back, and then whatever incarnation of Hollywood Squares they might be able to find. Stay on the D List long enough, and you’ll be able to mount a comeback, maybe the Palin clan will get their own variety show…then when that fails and we think we’re rid of them, but then little Moosejaw Pinehaven Palin Johnston (or whatever Bristol names her offspring) will probably get his/her own show on the Disney Channel, they’ll let him/her record albums which will sell a bazillion copies to every 7 to 15 year old girl in the country. The only real question is which Palin daughter eventually ends up with a sex tape on the internet.

We have to live with Paris Hilton, trust me, we’re stuck with Sarah Palin as well.

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Wow, deep dalepetrie. You should publish that prophesy of how her life plays out. Sounds plausible.

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I would, but I’d rather sit back and watch where it really goes. I have no fear that she’d be able to gain national political power, she’s been far too discredited. I’m just going to enjoy the ride, because remember, she’s all “mavericky”, she’ll probably surprise even me. I just laid out the standard downward spiral, I can’t wait to see the real thing I’m sure anything I can imagine will be put to shame by reality.

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Could “The Palins” be the next “The Osbournes”. I’ll bet PAX would show it! Maybe I should contact them and pitch it.

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They may already be ahead of you LOL I bet MANY networks have offered her jobs.

Like being a regular guest on The View. Her image needs a minor makeover for national tv though. Remove the glasses, bring down the hair – that’s if she’s no longer running for anything. If she’s still running – keep the glasses, chop down the hair a la Hillary Clinton. Whattya think dalepetrie? Am I on target?

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That might be where she is going since this week’s interviews are basically “The Palins at Home”. She ended up with a very nice house thanks to their “contractor” friends but who cooks in a chic little suit? Also what do they do with those kids to keep them quiet?

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I don’t think it ever will because the liberal media will keep on making fun of her.

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Anyone else catch the daily show last night?LOL I dont want palin to go away, thats a huge chunk of comedy in my life right now.

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I do think you’re onto something, siren.

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not soon enough for me.

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Even though MSNBC would say otherwise, I think Palin will definitely be ditched by her party sometime between now and 2012.

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I’m gonna catch crap for this comment….

As far as Palin, I would really love for her 15 minutes to end…L-O-V-E, it..for many reasons – mainly, I’m just ready for the ugliness to fade away.

But as far as picking on the kids, present and future, I’m not ok with that – they didn’t do anything to be picked on about. Pick on Palin, leave the kids alone.

Palin isn’t ready to fade, she’s still seeing what gets thrown her way. I forget where I read it online today, but the director (or producer) of Desperate Housewives would LOVE to have her on the show, for the season finale. Ugh. For her daughter, that needs her support and to “grow” as a person, she really just needs to quiet down, do some good in Alaska…tongue firmly in cheek….and then figure out a GOOD next step.

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Just keep on praying .

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