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What is the worst movie you have ever seen?

Asked by jsc3791 (1988points) November 13th, 2008

For me, the most recent was “The Happening.”

Wow it was awful.

What about you?

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Terror Toons. I watched the whole thing, on a dare. It was the biggest mistake of my life.

You Don’t Mess With The Zohan was pretty suck… but does not come close to Terror Toons.

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Lost Things, that movie that Lenka is in… bad, very baaad…

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What Women Want. Nothing but an excuse to laugh at Mel Gibson for acting all girly. The jokes were complete throwaways, it was the kind of mindless chick flick that the Hallmark Channel would be embarassed to run.

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rushmore…this movie was so bad when I bought a ticket to see it I had to get a usher to tell the projector to start it because they didn’t think anyone would see it and yes I was the only one on the room where it was showing lol.

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Azumi, it was so awesome and terrible that I loved it.

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The Omen (the most recent, 2006 version). Wasn’t scary at all but it did have some comedic value in its pitiful attempts at horror.

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@TheBox193 – so was it the worst movie you have seen? Or do you actually like it?

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Message in a Bottle. That movie would not end. Every time we thought the end was in site, there would be another plot twist! I don’t know why, but my mother and I stuck through it.

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Asmonet – Terror Toons was probably so bad because it sounds like a ripoff of another movie, the 1992 classic Evil Toons which was bad, but I enjoyed nonetheless…I might even give Terror Toons a try

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Panic Room, it’s so stupid!

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“Flash Gordon” (1980) was pretty awful but I could still laugh at it. I suspect I couldn’t make it through an Adam Sandler or Martin Lawrence film.

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Children of the corn—we walked out, and I was disturbed for quite awhile afterward. Oh joy, I did hear they’re remaking it, too.

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@dale: For the love of God, no. Please, don’t.

it sounds like it’s bad enough to be funny, and cheesy and stupid but. Just. No. I’m probably making you more curious aren’t I? Le sigh. It’s mildly, – or massively depending on the person viewing – disturbing. It sticks in your head for a good long while, but you don’t actually remember any of it after some time because it’s just a waste… I can’t explain it. Watch it if you must.

A girl who once bit two separate senior citizens noses for doing good deeds for her recommended it to one of my best friends and I have absolutely no idea why he tortured me with it.The sick fuck.

If you do watch it, please, please, please, tell me what you think.

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South Park made a great spoof of Children of the Corn.

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Miami Vice well, actually i walked out of the cinema halfway through…

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“Andy Warhol’s Frankenstein in 3 D”, however, “2001” was next (and I don’t care WHAT an epic it was supposed to be).

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Wow, popular thread. People have very strong opinions on this here subject. :P

OMGOD. Yes, 2001 sucked monkey balls.

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Twister, hands down! Crap!!

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Children of the Corn reminds me of my neighborhood and that’s one reason I want to move!

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There was some Demi Moore movie called Passion of Mind that I went to a pre-screening thing for in the late 90’s.
Quite possibly the worst thing ever.
It came out as a “real” movie in 2000 and bombed.

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@forestGeek What are you talking about, i love twister! :p

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Twister is win, silly goose! Mooooooooooo!

I’ll take a step back from this thread now, I’m everywhere…and I’m feeling self-conscious.

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Howard the Duck

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I loved Howard the Duck when I was little!!

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Napoleon Dynamite

This movie is loved by so many people, but I have no idea why. It just sucked, plain and simple.

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It might have been the new Speed Racer if we’re talking about movies I’ve seen all the way through. I was so excited. And it was so not good.

Or Forget Paris (which was so boring I slept through it… at age 8).

Or Epic Movie which my best friend made me see part of before we could watch Children of Men. I even made him buy tickets to it for us instead of doing the old theater hop, hoping to discourage him (we were at a $1 theater, so it wasn’t much discouragement, but I was hoping!!).

@RawPixels: I’m with you.

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Glad to hear I’m not the only one :)

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@EmpressPixie: Did you notice they took away one of the buttons on his steering wheel? I was so upset. If I remember the movie right, they just plain removed the ‘G’ button – which releases a robot bird. Dear lord, I’m a nerd.

I really wanted to see the frickin’ bird.

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One of the worst movies ever would have to be Toys, the one with Robin Williams in it. We went hoping to see a funny movie, full of laughs. It turns out that we’d seen the only funny parts of the movie already, in the trailer that they were showing on TV. We were going to leave, and we stayed because we thought that maybe it would redeem itself. By the end of it, we were saying what the fuck!! Never been so confused by a storyline before. That movie was a waste of space (and time). We almost went to a pub before going to the movie. Maybe it would have made more sense if we’d seen it drunk!!!

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August Rush was horrible. It was like a shitty Oliver Twist with lame singing, and a irritating little kid and Robin Williams as a creepy Fagin. Just absolutely horrible, I would buy that movie just to watch it burn in my fireplace.

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American Beauty. Bar none, the worst movie I have ever seen. I walked out of it.

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No one out there will know this movie, but I assure you, it is horrible: “A family finds entertainment” by Ryan Trecartin.
it is so bad… truly a waste of 41 minutes of my life…
and yet I cant seem to get it out of my head.
here is the first part on youtube.

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I’ll watch pretty much anything, but there are 2 movies that I have never been able to get through. One is an old 80s movie with Tom Hanks. Remember Joe vs. The Volcano? Hideously bad. And more recently Across The Universe. I wanted to like it, but half way through the first song I had to turn it off. Was that movie supposed to be a comedy?

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The Last Horror Movie. I found myself cringing all the way through. I genuinely felt embarrassed for the guys that made it.

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Baby the Rain Must Fall, Steve McQueen.

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I thought American Beauty was a GREAT movie.

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Manos, Hands of Fate. I dare anyone to make it through that entire movie.

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@ Tantigirl


Toys it TERRIBLE! It’s definitely the worst movie I have ever seen (by a huge margin, too).

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@jsc3791 yes.
It was so bad that I can’t help but like it. Sometimes when a movie get really bad, it just becomes funny.

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Flannel Pajamas
Epic Movie
Date Movie
Baby Geniuses 2

all of them… horrible. just horrible.

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Silent Hill…i don’t even want to start describing this movie, or it might take up my week’s worth of venting time.

Also, I’ve never seen it, but I always thought that Snakes on a Plane would probably piss me off (based on the trailer)

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Sloane2024 – You don’t like Slither?!!!!! Nooooooooooooo. I love it, so cheesy that it is funny, and it has Captain Tightpants in it. Whats not to like?

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27 Dresses. I thought any movie would be a welcome distraction
from the kid crying next to me on the plane. Not true.

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@Mr. M, everyone seemed to love American Beauty! I’m pretty sure it won the best picture Oscar. I HATED it though!

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@wilhel1812 – Ok, the Twister with Crispin Glover is great, but Helen Hunt? Flying cows cars and buildings, but not flying people? Horrid acting and storyline? Sorry, it’s one of the few movies I started but couldn’t finish.

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Two of a Kind, Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta when they were hot-hot-hot box office. My friend and I took our 10 yo daughters who loved the stars. OMG-it didn’t make sense but it made N-J and T look stupid, immoral and unlikeable.

I also HATE remakes. The original Andromeda Strain was a classic sci fi film that still stands up. But they turned it into a mini-series this summer and totally changed things up to a conspiracy/sexploiyation/soap opera. I think that’s what killed Michael Crichton.

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Plan 9 From Outer Space
Logan’s Run
Meet the Spartans
Dumb and Dumber
Roller Boogie
Tango and Cash

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Attack of the Killer Tomatoes (With Ishtar as a runner-up.)

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“Saturday Night Fever II”; “The Exorcist II”

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Saturday Night Fever II – a.k.a. Staying Alive? You’re right. That movie completely sucked in every way, shape, and form.

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Napoleon Dynamite
Borat (no, not a Great Success)
No Country for Old Men

@PnL IVE HAD IT WITH THESE MOTHA FUCKIN SNAKES ON THIS MOTHA FUCKIN PLANE!! that movie was so horrible it was great ^_^

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@ubertbatman: haha, yeah. it was. It was so bad it was funny.

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Darkness Falls(The tooth fairy are you kidding me??)

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Pee Wee’s Big Adventure.
It is one of the only movies I walked out of.

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Borat was hilarious.

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I watched Manos: Hands of Fate all the way through.

“I am Torgo. I take care of the place while the master is away.”

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@tinyfaery: The first song is Girl – and it’s pretty much the most boring song in the movie. Just skip two minutes in, it picks up and gets kind of awesome.

@bluefreedom: Hey! I liked Xanadu when I was a kid, and for some reason still do….leftover nostalgia? And Logan’s Run is just weird and fun. It’s full of jokes. :)

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They’re actually going to remake the movie Logan’s Run in 2010. Here’s a link to limited information about it. I sure hope it is better than the first one. :o)

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I don’t know how they’re gonna get around making the age 21. I’ve actually heard about that project, and if they screw with my favorite kitty cat man, I’m gonna be pissed. :’(

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Rest Stop
Eating Raoul

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I LOVED “Snakes on a Plane” and think it’s a fun movie to watch with others who have never seen it.

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Ice Queen

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Got to be “A funny thing happened on the way to the proctologist”.

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Almost every movie I’ve ever seen, good or bad, has had something good about it. But when I try to think of the worst, I usually only find a few that I can’t think had something good about them. I guess the worst horror movie (my most expert genre) I’ve ever seen would be the 1996 Stephen King adaptation, Thinner, directed by Tom Holland (poor guy, had a great career in the 1980’s).

As for non-horror, there are some freaking unbelievably bad movies. A lot of them movies a lot of people like. Like, I find The Godfather to be so overrated it makes me sick (no offense to anyone who likes it). I don’t like most gangster films anyway (though I love John Landis’s gangster comedies!) and even worse are lame, contemplative, 3-hour long ones that think they’re art-films.

Though, speaking of John Landis, Animal House was putrid! Talk about movies declining I.Q. scores. You also couldn’t pay me (well…you could, but it would set you back a pretty penny) to watch all those Star Trek and Star Wars movies. I also have no interest in Lord of the Rings, Spiderman, Pirates of the Carribean, X-Men, countless other annoying franchises.

I guess I should just…say it: almost all mainstream movies now suck. They’re loud, mindless, pandering, lower-middle-brow bores with music scores that all sound the same, similar camera tricks and visual styles, and peppered with constant, bad one-liners. I don’t know who deserves the blame for this, but I notice this seems to go back as far as 1997’s Men in Black and all those incredibly irritating disaster movies (Armageddon, Independence Day, Twister, Dante’s Peak).

But, I think I know just who to blame… Walt Disney studios (NO!!!). I love a lot of the mainstream movies they were making in the early to mid 1990’s (well the animated ones at least)- Aladdin, Pocahontas, A Goofy Movie, Toy Story. They (at the time) always understood the need for a balance between art and pandering to the mainstream. I dare say, in the face of all the intellectuals who hate Disney because of so-called crimes against classic literature and history and their fear of sexuality, that they were becoming more progressive starting in 1989 (of course, today we see it lead them nowhere).

But all the obnoxious Inside the Actors’ Studio-calibre knuckleheads they kept hiring (perhaps starting with John Candy back in 1990) to do the animal voices were loud and over the top and screeching one-liners constantly. Now we have things like “mm, tastes like chicken” ingrained in popular culture thanks to Nathan Lane (The Lion King), who found a 2nd career in family-genre films (and I personally don’t find his voice that interesting), and Aladdin‘s genie, Robin Williams, who sounded like he was about to have a heart-attack or a nervous breakdown any given second.

Other studios accepted these hundred-million dollar grossing blockbusters as the formula to follow to make their movies hits, hence 20th Century Fox’s animation department rising like a phoenix (Ferngully, Anastasia), as well as Universal (An American Tale, The Land Before Time) and MGM-UA’s controversially violent features (All Dogs Go to Heaven, The Secret of Nimh).

Now those were just films for the kids. But it started to penetrate the mainstream in… oh, I would say 1995. The year of the big-budget blockbuster (Babe, Casper, Jumanji, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie). Now that year wasn’t so bad. I found a lot of entertainment value in all of these movies (as well as 1994’s similarly over the top- but appropriately wacky character-driven fantasy The Mask with Jim Carrey, who became a curse for American comedy on another level- though I personally love Liar Liar and The Truman Show).

But that year became a springboard for a huge wave of garbage that soon flowed in. The remake of 101 Dalmatians, What Dreams May Come, Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace, Jingle All the Way, Space Jam, Stuart Little, The Frighteners, a slew of Jonathan Taylor Thomas movies, and many others (I don’t want to think of any more, my head’s starting to hurt). Suddenly it was all fast-paced, loud, brainless, and packed with bad one-liners. Anything for a laugh, or anything the writers assumed families and children would laugh at (this also dominated the gross-out and sex-comedy genres).

The studios just took the formula from earlier films and removed all that was interesting and entertaining about the other movies, or they just kept pushing that formula until it broke. And it broke right away. Hell, Disney had already been dipping in quality in my opinion with The Lion King which was so damn sappy and, was mostly about how to make Jonathan Taylor Thomas sound funny (they failed) and how to push one of those crappy muzak / easy-listening styled ballads (here it was Elton John’s “Can You Feel the Love Tonight?”, in 1991 it was Celine Dion & Peabo Bryson’s “Beauty and the Beast”).

I don’t know if it’s gotten better or worse in the last 6 or so years. There are still way too many studio films that you can’t tell the difference between. Shrek, Ice Age, Snow Dogs, King Kong, The Stepford Wives, Underdog, Transformers, Alvin and the Chipmunks, Elf (and so many copycats), and not just family / gimmick-comedy films either- sports movies, war movies, documentaries, they’re all becoming formula-driven.

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According to my daughter, the “worst movie ever” is Shark Boy & Lava Girl!! :)

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@bythebay: HAHAHAHA. I had to screen that when I wored at a movie theater. I blocked it out completely.

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Platoon was the worst movie ever. I hate this movie. And just so you don’t think it’s because it’s a war movie, I loved Full Metal Jacket.

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ok i am glad others mentioned Borat. That movie was SO SO overrated. I saw it with such huge expectations and I was so bored throughout. It was torture getting through the whole movie. (and the people i saw it with agreed). Sooo can someone tell me what they LIKED about that movie?

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You’re right. That entire movie was based on comedic “shocks”.

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The Room. Worst movie of all time. And therefore the best movie of all time.

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I am both embarrassed and ashamed to say that I laughed so hard at Borat, I had to be carried out of the theatre. Luckily, only one person knew me. I tried really hard to control myself, I really did.

El_Cadejo's avatar

@PnL it had its moments since no one knew it was a movie aside from sasha baron cohen so that whole bus scene was kinda funny. But like you said, REALLY overrated, and hearing people constantly say “very nice” doesnt help.

asmonet's avatar

Wow, gail. I dunno what to say to that. I laughed, out of surprise mostly. It kills me that you did too. I always imagined only 17 yr old boys laughed at that movie. :)

jsc3791's avatar

I am with you gail & asmonet…i laughed so hard at borat!

asmonet's avatar

Yeah, I can’t laugh at it anymore, a lot of my laughter was nervous giggling. Like…the naked hotel scene. Most of it was based on shock that while effective the first time, ws kind of useless once you knew it was gonna happen.

The only things I really still laugh at now are the parts in his homeland with the locals and Pam Anderson.

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Hype can kill most any movie.

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There was one scene in Borat I liked. When his friend tells him the bear ran away, but the refrigerator door is opened and you see the bear’s head on a platter,

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Ooh, Ooh, Ooh. Last night picking a cable movie, I ran into a real stomach churner. It was so bad when I saw it in the theater, I couldn’t sit through it and when my date didn’t get it, I knew I wouldn’t see him again. (He didn’t want to walk out after he had paid, which was another reason)

The movie was The Last Temptation of Christ. Now it was not the topic that was so awful. In fact I like both historical and more interpretive versions of religious stories. I don’t think that blind acceptance of anything is good but this dog was beyond the pale. I might be willing to sit through a slasher soap opera (neither among my favorite genres) if there was some modicum of intelligence. But with the slasher/soap opera/illogical/poor acting/disjointed/tackiness of it all, STINKAROO would be a compliment.

El_Cadejo's avatar

@nimis not if its a really good movie. I was hyped like you wouldnt believe for dark knight and still walked out of that theater thinking “HOLY SHIT that was great!”

Nimis's avatar

That’s because Dark Knight was not most any move!
I think I wanted to smoke a cigarette after watching it. Heh.

Mr_M's avatar

The DaVinci Code was a bore.

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Okay, wait a second! I have to stop this train. “Overrated”??? There is a huge world of difference between a movie that is bad and a movie that is overrated.

And don’t put your expectations on the movie itself just because of hype and other people. It’s not the movie’s fault that it failed to live up to your expectations. Plus, my experience with movies that didn’t live up to my expectations is that, years later, I find a brand new appreciation for and understanding to them I didn’t have before.

I’m so freaking sick about hearing how disappointed people were by ‘this movie’ and ‘that movie’. Like I care about someone else’s expectations? I don’t, I have enough of my own. And they always inhibit a viewing. Expectations lie to the viewer. Plus, don’t forget that in a way your tastes change the more movies you watch.

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I hate to say it but I laughed at Borat too. The part where he’s at the Jewish family’s house and he starts throwing money at the door or the roaches or whatever and calling them shapeshifters. I’m sorry, I know its wrong, but I thought it was really funny.

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C.H.U.D II: Bud the Chud.

My film teacher directed this in the 80’s. Try to take the man seriously when he explains to you how they filmed the climactic scene where the zombies are destroyed by not only getting them into the pool and freezing said pool but by electrocuting them in said frozen pool.

The last night of class we had a big party and my crew mate went to about 10 video stores across Manhattan to find a copy of it so we could screen it at the party. I’m the only one that lasted through it…

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@TheBox- I turned Azumi off after about 15 minutes. What crap. It didn’t get any better?

@uber- No Country for Old Men? I’ve seen some scenes from that. It seemed pretty good, and it’s gotten a lot of great reviews. What didn’t you like about it?

I just saw Twilight and thought it was horrible. I mean, it wasn’t even memorably bad for me (like Pearl Harbor). It was so mediocre-ly bad.

El_Cadejo's avatar

@shadling21 i can see how you could get that impression from just seeing clips. I thought it was pretty good from clips then i saw it. And i saw the end….. WTF!? And there are quite a few of events that happen in the movie that your just like that was STUPID AS HELL and would avoid EVERYTHING that happened in the movie.
im being vague cause i dont want to ruin it for you

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Stuart Saves His Family….it was like pullimg my teeth out….

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I can’t recall the worst, but here are some pretty good contenders, in my opinion:

Spacehunter (with Molly Ringwald) so bad it’s good – I kept the DVD
Millenium (Cheryl Ladd) same outcome
Swamp Thing
The NeverEnding Story II
Rhinestone (Sylvester Stallone, Dolly Parton) but good for a laugh to see him go country

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Donnie Darko, by far.

It was the second time that a pathetic attempt at a movie caused a really weird effect, it looked totally different than anything else, and everybody seemed to praise it for fear it might turn out to be the next hip thing and then they would have been unhip for calling it what it was, a piece of garbage with a rabbit.

The first time I noticed this was Blair Witch. There was nothing scary at all about that piece of junk but everyone was running around proclaiming how scary it was.

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day of the warrior
pretty bad movie
plan 9 from outer space ed wood at his best

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Okay, first I should say that I love really bad movies.
The worst movies ever made would be:

Plan 9 from Outer Space
Santa Claus Conquers the Martians
Glen or Glenda
Cowboy Commandos
Billy the Kid vs. Dracula
Robot Monster
Manos: the hands of fate
They Saved Hitlers Brain
Future War
The Amazing Two Headed Transplant
The Brain that Wouldn’t Die
Horror of Party Beach

I have most of those on DVD.
That said, I would do almost anything not to watch Beaches again.

asmonet's avatar

And here I would have said those are some of the best movies.
Add this to your list.

Ghost_in_the_system's avatar

Bad Taste- Peter Jackson’s first film.


I took my little ones on a Sunday afternoon to go see a movie called “The Pirates That Don’t Do Anything——A Veggie Tale”, and I must say it was the worst, most forgettable movie I have ever seen. The animation was terrible, the storyline made no sense, and it was too long for a kid’s movie——super boring! It had the production of someone making a low-grade low budget film in his garage, just to make an easy buck! Lol.

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