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Possibility of getting the android phone on any desired network?

Asked by shockvalue (5800points) November 13th, 2008

I’m on AT&T now, and I don’t really feel like switching to T-Mobile just for a phone. Is there any hope?

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Very Little

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have at&t you could have the iphone? then again i’m assuming you want the awesomeness that is the iphone!

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Looks like, at least at the beginning, there’s no chance of getting android for any other network. Here’s a review of the phone.

However, it seems that Google and T-Mobile might not be as stingy as ATT. It will accept software submissions that “don’t serve the corporate interests.” So possibly, in some distant future, they might let it run on competing networks. Or Androis and iPhone will negotiate an agreement for cross-marketing.

Of course, someone will come up with a hack, just like there is for the iPhone. You’ll be able to modify your phone to use any network. Though why you’d want to use ATT is beyond me.

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@blondie411: I’m so sick of the iPhone. Why everyone assumes the whole world needs to own one is beyond me. Call me mad, but lack of tactile response doesn’t seem conducive to functionality.

@daloon: I hate AT&T as much as the next guy, but my parent’s have been kind enough to let me stay on their family plan, provided I pay 50% of my bill. If you ask me, Each Telecommunication Monolith is as bad as the next.

Thanks though!

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since you were asking to switch i figured you weren’t interested at the iphone, it was my attempt at being funny. i never assume because i think we all know what happens when we do that…

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You can simply buy the T-Mobile G1 and unlock it.

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Haaa haaa i got to agree with blondie dearest..

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Thanks Predator, It is actually how I feel about switching to AT&T just for a phone. But you have to say how you feel right, but never assume never do that.

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Well as of now you can get unlocked Dreams, Magics, And pretty soon Heros.

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