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Illinois gun question?

Asked by skabeep (927points) November 13th, 2008 from iPhone

I live in little rock, Arkansas, where I have a lisence to carry concealed firearms. In January I’m visiting a friend in Chicago. Will my permit be honored or is there something else I must do?

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no. I’m also an Arkansas ccw holder, but not only does Illinois not recognize our permits, but handguns are still verboten in Chicago I believe. The NRA has sued claiming DC v Heller as precedent, but Mayor Daly is fighting it hard. In Chicago, you’re either going to be a criminal or a potential victim.

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thanks that’s just what I needed. I tried to look at Illinois law and couldn’t make sense of it

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in chicago, the only people allowed to carry concealed weapons are police and sheriffs. you’ll get arrested first. questions later.

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is there a legal way for me to travel through with it? like unloaded and clip seperate or something in my trunk

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I would carry some targets, earplugs, and eye protection with me to as well to make myself look like a recreational shooter.

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depends on what you plan on doing while in the city of a president.

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I would call or email the Illinois State Police and just ask.

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agree with Buster. carry some targets, etc. put your cleaned gun in case with trigger lock , unloaded with ammo in a separate box and put it in your trunk. jot down your serial number and make, model if for some reason it gets confiscated, carrying a copy of bill of sale may not be unreasonable.

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