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Whats the big deal with colonics?

Asked by buster (10244points) November 13th, 2008

Is it quackery? Is it actually a good health practice for purging toxins and other things from your body? Have you had a colonics and what did it do for you? If you thought it would help you would you have it done?

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The 13 original Colonics to the United State were pretty helpful. I’d suggest they’d be the building block to a healthy beginning.



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admit it buster, you just want to use an enema.

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In the event of a revolution it’s always good to know who your real enemas are.

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I’ve never had one, and suspect the “cleansing of toxins” is bullshit (pardon). That said, I did have to drink about a gallon of something designed to make you “poop-free” in about an hour’s time (for surgery). The hour itself was awful, but when it was over, I felt great. If I thought I could stand it, I’d do it again!

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Yeah, I had to drink the gallon of nasty stuff for a colonoscopy and it was hell. I did feel much better afterwards.

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