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Opinions on getting my septum pierced?

Asked by wookielove (176points) November 13th, 2008

I’ve been wanting to get my septum pierced for a while, but I already have my nostril pierced on one side. I’d rather not have to balance it out by getting it pierced on the other side in order to get my septum done, but wanted another opinion. Or even if I should get my septum done in the first place!

here’s a picture of how it would look like if I were to get it done:

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Personally, I don’t like septum piercings. It reminds me of a ring in a bulls nose.

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yeah, I’ve been told that before, mostly by my mum :P

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I’m all for general body mods, but I’ve just never been into the septum. I’ve never seen one I ever thought looked good on anyone. That’s just my opinion.

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Less is more. The nostril looks cute, the septum is a bit too much jewelry in a small area. You could swap out the stud for a ring if you want a different look.

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I usually do wear a ring actually, but I just switched it out when I was trying to see how the septum would look :)

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Septum piercing look like a bulls nose. Pierce something else like your clit or nipples.

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gee. . . .thanks?

I think I’d probably get my lip pierced if anything (maybe a small stud or ring off to the side). that’s another piercing I’ve been eyeing for a while :P

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Why are you piercing anything? Once you know why you really want to do it, you should know if you should do it. If you really think it will improve your appearance or if you do wat to look like a bull like buster said, that would indicate you should.

If you think it is cool or you want to get attention, there are probably better ways to achieve those goals.

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I like the lip idea too. Is it cool for a guy to get a nostril peirced?

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I wanna get my bicep pierced.

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I think nostril piercings on certain guys are really hot/cute depending on the person. Sometimes even having a double nostril piercing looks good too!
I’ve seen lots of guys who have their nostrils pierced and it tends to look fine on them, as long as it’s not huge :P

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Don’t like the look. So for what it’s worth, no don’t do it.

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I’m with the rest of you…no to the septum. I do like eyebrow piercings, but not lip.

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Be a rebel, pierce your fingertips.

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Get a sternum piercing. That’s hardcore.

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peedub, PupnTaco, Eambos: All those piercings are possible.

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Eambos: What is “hardcore”? Does it hurt the most? Is it more dangerous? Is it the most difficult?

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How about your eyeballs?

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That’s kid stuff. Try a larynx piercing if you want to be original.

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Septum piercings hurt really bad, so i have heard.
just sayin~*

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