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Why does my urine sometimes smell like Cheerios?

Asked by soethe6 (537points) August 23rd, 2007

Seriously. Not all the time, but once in a while. Say, once every month or two. I've noticed this for years now. I don't eat Cheerios, and I'm basically in good health, etc. So why does my urine sometimes smell like Cheerios?

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do you take a multi vitamin?
ever notice how vitamins smell like cereal and vice-versa. Hence the "fortified with 8 essential vitamins" lable.

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Do you eat asparagus?

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Asparagus' unique aroma definitely doesn't smell like Cheerios. What I find interesting is how quickly the odor hits one's urine after eating the veggie. I wonder why.

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Nope. No vitamins or asparagus. Hmm...had thai food last night?

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Maybe Cheerios smells like urine...hmmm

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sometimes a change in the smell of urine can be related to un-regulated levels of blood sugar... maybe mention it at your next doctor's appointment.
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Don’t know but definitely would have my sugar level checked just to be safe. If its only occasionally, the best way to identify if you sugar is high at that moment, would be to use a glucose meter.
The gold standard for diabetes testing is the Hemoglobin A1C as it captures your average blood sugar over the past 3 months.

Keep in mind, it may just be due to something you ate either by itself or in combination but get your sugar checked. Many people have pre-diabetes for years before actually coming down with diabetes.

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Are you svelte or, like the rest of us, a little more “solidly”” built?Diabetes is associated w. carrying “a little too much weight, ” I think. It is a disease that no one in my family has ever had.

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I had been diagnosed with pre-diabetes. Went on diet and lost 15 lbs. Was tested again and it went away, back to normal. Just tested again recently and it came in at a 6.0 (Hemoglobin A1C) and finger test taken and it came back at 83. Which is good. I felt it had returned. Getting up to urinate at night like 3 or more times. I also smell something in my urine. Don’t know what it can be. It just started about one week ago. So, I don’t know what it can be from. I do take supplements on and off. Fish oil, vit. E, etc.

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i also have urine that smells like cheerios, once every six weeks or so. i have not had a sugar test, but will be doing that. i do not take a multi vitamin but i do eat mostly healthy.

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Mine smells like Rice Crispies, also once in a while maybe every 6 to 8 weeks. Don’t eat cereal, no deseases and excellent bill of health.
Big mystery but gad I am not alone.

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This is not even funny i cant believe you guys are serious, your urine or any other liquid will emit an odor if overly saturated with any thing other than H2O (water) meaning you simply are not drinking enough water!!!

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I noticed this type of smell after smoking some cigarettes after a while.. I drink like 4 bottles of water a day so I know it’s not related to not having enough water.. just my two cents.

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Have you ever eaten placenta? This often leads to urine smelling what ever your baby has ever eaten. It is a mysterious phenomenon. If your baby has ever eaten anything and you ate placenta, You will die.

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@jdman12: This is probably the wrong site for you. Untrue, uninformed, unintelligent and uninteresting answer, BTW.

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lol.. Ok…I have had this everyday for the last 3 weeks. I have been working out very hard and have been well hydrated. My urine is clear, basically water, and still smells like cereal…I prefer to say weaties over cheerios.

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You guys have way too much time on your hands if you’re sitting around sniffing your own pee. Get a better hobby!

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This is a bit embarrassing, but my pee has been smelling like Cheerios too for about 6 months I think. I am not trying to smell it, it is just a plume of odor that is there. Not a bad smell…or unpleasant, but a distinctively grain like smell. LOL!

I have checked a number of blogs and everyone seems to be saying that it is due to dehyrdration. I am going to try to drink a lot more and see if it goes away. Next step will be to get my urine tested. Good luck everyone with a similar issue:)

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