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Could a Supreme Court Judge preside in the nude if he so wished?

Asked by jtvoar16 (2169points) November 14th, 2008

Or any judge for that matter? Me and my friend were talking about how a court room isn’t technically a part of the US or anything but what the judge wants it to be, thus if a judge wants a gun in his courtroom he can have one.
Never mind the implications of the reasons of being nude, let’s just say that someone one day forgot his cloths, didn’t feel like going home, so he did the entire trail in the buff… could he?
I say yes because, like I mentioned the gun, it’s his world inside those walls and if his world states that one should not have cloths on, then so mote it be!

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I sincerely hope not.

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From the waist down, no one could probably tell.
Can a judge be in contempt of court?

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wow, damn, that is a great head scratcher Nimis… I don’t think so… unless, maybe if there were multiple judges…

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There were some rumors about one of our judges in the area who was commando under her robe. She looks like a bulldog with a body to match. And you never did see any lines under the black robes, nothing at all to suggest another layer… who knows?

@Nimis: They can’t be in contempt (I don’t think) but I know in at least some courtrooms the lawyers can challenge them and demand the remove themselves if their behavior is inappropriate.

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He or she could, but they probably wouldn’t remain a judge for long. The Constitution says that a judgeship is for life, as long as they display “good behaviour.” I’m supposing that the standards of decency for any given community would not include presiding nude as good behavior, and that would be grounds for impeachment.

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Hopefully it would be a chick so that there’d actually be a benefit in seeing her from the waist up.

And I have seen some hot female judges in my day…mmm mmm mmm. The time I went to argue with a parking ticket (haha)... ladyJudge was fine.

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Let’s hope Judge Judy never gets wind of this.

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Wherever did you get the idea that a courtroom isn’t part of the US or can be anything a judge wants it to be? How curious!

There are rules of procedure that a judge and attorneys follow, and there are laws and punishments ascribed by the state legislature for all crimes. Judicial discretion comes in with regard to circumstances of each case, and the defendant has the right to appeal.

Judges, with the exception of the Supreme Court, are subject to judicial review, and can be removed. Nudity in a courtroom would certainly be in violation of state and local laws on nudity.

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What on earth is making you think “a courtroom isn’t part of the US”? I think you’re thinking of a foreign embassy.

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No. Remember the judge that got busted using a penis pump during trials? He got in trouble the same way one would if her were naked which is illegal.

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Not sure about the naked thing.

I think he is referring to judicial immunity. In that you can’t sue a judge. But if judges acts outside of their judicial capacity then they are no longer protected by immunity. Usually when they have done something “outside of judicial capacity” it’s for letting corrupt officials go free or something else that’s obviously abuse of power.

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I hope so. It’s a dream of mine to see Ruth Bader Ginsburg holding court in nothing but what God gave her.


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@jess: I don’t know, a penis pump is pretty clear about it’s purpose, nudity by itself is not necessarily sexual.

@chuck: Dear god, no.

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@ AstroChuck: I just threw up in my mouth a little.

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Well, then my job is done here.

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I would think someone holding power over people and deciding their fate while naked is pretty sexual.

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I actually just LOLed! I don’t think I have ever LOLed at a response before!

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As long as they cover their mouth when they sneeze I see no problem.

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@jess: As long as I don’t see a salute, I don’t care either way. :)

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speaking of naked judges, a few years back a local judge got arrested for spanking it during court. Trying to be stealth about it, didnt really work out for him too well.

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As long as they have on their robe, they can wear whatever they want or don’t want under it. In the summer months, it gets hot as a pepper pie in the South, and a judge in the court where I work often wears shorts. I mean, not like boxers, but regular shorts. Naked? H-m-m-m maybe not so much…

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The judges on American Idol could.

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