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How does fluther help you?

Asked by tigran (700points) November 14th, 2008

I just joined to write a question, but everytime the question I was writing was answered in my head, or atleast I had an idea that reading any other answer would not suffice. It has to come from inside me. Are my questions special? For example this question is something that others might have experienced. So i am probably going to post it. But the other questions I wrote and deleted were things I have to make a decision on myself, and no one can do it for me. Sheesh where did that come from. I might delete this one too since theres nothing else to be said, and I don’t want your answers anymore.

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I help fluther.

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you are wise

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Welcome to the collective!

We discuss issues big and small. We get and give concrete answers and personal opinions. The more input you have on personal issues, the easier it will be to make the right decisions for you.

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During the day, procrastinate.
At night, indulge my insomnia.

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I’m not really sure of anything you said in the text, but as for how Fluther helps me? I’m gonna go ahead and ditto, Nimis.

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helps me to get ppl’s opinion which i find difficult or embarass to talk directly

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I’m not sure that I am helped.. Basically I just loose time since there are so many interesting questions being asked.. Then again they are interesting so…

I need to get back to my research…

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It gives me fodder for thought. I love figuring out what I think about an issue I’ve never thought of before. Sometimes I think I even do something useful for other people, but mostly it’s just to practice writing and expressing ideas.

The cool thing about Fluther is that people will read your dribblings. If they like then, they’ll give you a GA, and if they don’t like them, they won’t say anything.

Sometimes fluther gives you friends. That’s nice. Although it’s the internet, so friends are kind of intermittant, like a strobe light. Only slower.

Are your questions special? Yup. To judge from this one. You can also ask for advice on things you need to decide yourself. People love answering those questions. Some of it is drivel, and some makes you pause. You can do with it what you will.

What’s the future going to rely on, son? One word. Thought.

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Its better to ask than not ask right? you can ask all you want

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It gives me answers to my questions….

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yea it keeps me sane . im living like a hermit btw. its like a gateway to the real world

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By filtering it’s experiences through mine.

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I like puzzles and I like finding answers for people. I like the wordplay and the digging into social issues and current events. I think it helps my hone my intellect and sharpen my wits.
It allows me to express myself in a way that is completely unique. I relate best to ideas and if I can express them with a limited filter, I can gain insight into my own mind and at the same time offer value and perhaps insight to another. In face to face discourse there isn’t the opportunity to be completely factual or completely silly because this format is actually quite self indulgent. In real life it’s like, “OK shut up already and get to work”.
For me there is also a very vital aspect that is cathartic. The format helps me get in touch with the remote archipelagos of my consciousness. Some of which are beautiful and peaceful edens and others which harbor headhunters. Either way it’s an adventure.
And to try to connect with people on some level. I don’t really put a lot of stock on the connections though because I think that they are somewhat tenuous. I mean most of the time you don’t even know who’s in the room. But I lurve all.

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Actually, what @SeventhSense said reminded me of another thing that I like about this site. I have trouble remembering words now, and it’s kind of embarrassing in conversation, but here, I can go to a thesaurus and find them and then use them, and no one has to know I didn’t know that word (for the moment).

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So if I understand, you like the ability to compose your thoughts under cover of cyberspace? Me too.

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@SeventhSense You betchum, red rider!

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Oh and sometimes I want to kill every last one of you. But that’s another thread.

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