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How did you stumble upon fluther?

Asked by adri027 (1415points) November 14th, 2008 from iPhone

tell me the interesting story of the moment your life changed.

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I got my iPhone first gen, then went to the webapps, Fluther was the second one from the top, I liked the Fish-Squid-Thing, and the description.
Sorry it wasn’t more life changing then that, I will, however say that my life would much worse if it weren’t for you guys!

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I honestly can’t remember where I saw it, but it was mentioned on another website. Maybe ? It was a link to an article about Fluther (something about ‘Better Than the Name Suggests’). Read the article, thought it sounded interesting, popped in for a look-see and the rest is history!

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Actually I saw a window cling in car in a parking lot in my town. I wrote down the url in my phone. Eventually I (4 months later) I came here to see what it was all about.

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They make window clings??? I want one!

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I love doing that! Making stickers for site I love and then just sticking them everywhere in random places and stuff!

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I was probably this augustlan.

I found it through a somewhat critical thread on Metatalk.

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I have several friends that were members of the website Askville who became disillusioned with that site (myself included now) and they all recommended coming to Fluther. It was a great decision because I think Fluther is excellent and it’s like a big breath of fresh air.

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I know I had a pressing question to ask so I googled for advice, I signed up and never thought about it again because at the time I had to run out the door. The situation resolved itself and I half-remembered a ‘squid thing’ for questions a month or so later and googled around to find it when I was bored. I ended up staying. :)

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@JP: Interesting…the posters were critical of Fluther, and you came to check it out anyway. Now here you are, a member of the 10,000+ club!

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He’s still waiting for Riser methinks.

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@augustlan :: ask.mefi only allows one question per week. I didn’t want to use my question for the week asking about a softcore porn show from the 90’s.

Still waiting for Riser to return.

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That was your first Q? Too funny!

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I spat out my drink, johnpowell.

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You know, that is the reason I love Fluther so much!, johnpowell summed it up in his post. It is the only place I can go and ask a serious question about something most people don’t take seriously, and get a serious, intelligent response!

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Ha…amused but not surprised?

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Magnus told me about it.

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I first saw it on the Slicehost Forum but didn’t actually sign up. Then some time later, I saw it again on the homepage of Fluid and thought it’s about time I signup and give it a try!

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It was linked from insanely great tees…

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I found a link on Gyminee by inko9nito, to a post here about how to use Twitter..

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It was linked all over Askville when I was getting realllllly tired of that place. Too much drama. It seems to be much calmer here.

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Actually, marissa (another fluther member) told some people at Askville about fluther. I’m glad she did!

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I’m another askville refugee.

I have to say this place seems much more responsive, and I love that you can get feedback on discussion as well as answers.

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@jp I swear the window cling was smaller, but it was a van. I bet it was a the ‘fluthermobile’ .... why were they in my town, strange, there is like nothing there.

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Some of my friends from askville talked about this place, and then they started sending me links to here, and yes, like the others that joined, I’m very happy I joined here.

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Oddly enough I had seen this picture of a poo hat and was trying to find one online that I could purchase for an insanely intense White Elephant party my family has every year. Well I found a link to a discussion about poo hats on Fluther, and here I am. How could you not love a site that has a discussion board about poo hats?


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Hi, Hammer. :-)

I got it off of AV, too. I go to both places now. But this place is a little too serious at times. I like to have fun & cut up, & the questions on AV usually turn into some funny comments. I’m hesitate to post on here where I don’t see anyone I know. A lot of strangers here, altho I do see some on this question that I know. Sorry, but AV is still my favorite. Maybe in time, I’ll feel more comfortale here.

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my life is going in a circule. I find that i get back to where I am everytime. Its a feedback loop. I do feel i improve a little here and there thoughout this feedback loop

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A band called Sleeping At Last sends out periodic emails to its fan base to update everyone about shows, recordings, etc. At the end of each of the email updates, the band members put “Things We’re Into Right Now.” Among other things, Fluther was on the list. I love the band so I clicked on the link and signed up right away!

I started by asking really practical questions that my family or I wanted to know. I was amazed at how fast I got responses. Not before too long, I was in the ring with the likes of MontyZuma, dalepetrie, and laureth! I’m lovin’ it.

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I found a way to stay on A’ville even when I was being punished, planning to leave when they lifted my suspension. Then Marina posted a connection and I came over. My connection to the dark side is that I have enough points for $100 Amazon gift certificate if they offer it again.

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heard about it on Floort. Checked it out. I came I stayed. Is it ok to be silly here. I sure hope so. Still trying to get used to the rules here. Have had two questions rejected. That’s ok, though. Hope I’m doing well enough to stay.

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Misspelling furthur I think.

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I often Googled questions that I have. Por ejemplo – I would Google “What makes something green?” instead of “green things”. I was led to Fluther via Google…thought it was interesting…my life has never been the same.

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College alumni magazine.

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Ask Metafilter. Someone asked a question recently about other question asking sites…. yeah it’s a bit ‘whoaaaaa-man’. I love questions. So I signed up… and I’ll probably rue that day :P

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Ben Finkel told me about it and I wanted to see what was up.

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A little bird told me.

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I was looking for Craigslist vs. ebay….Now I am hooked on Fluther and not able to do my selling on craigslist OR ebay…hehehehehe

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it was recommended by my fellow wis.dmrs

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Did a Google search for “Dreamweaver” + “Tumblr” as I was trying to figure out a way to design my own tumblr site using custom html without fully learning html.

Funny. Got so distracted on here, I forgot to finish that research…

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@bonus Welcome to Fluther!

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It came to me in a dream.

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I was bored, text messaging a friend late at night, and we were playing The Question Game. So, when I began to run out of good questions on my own, naturally, I Googled some answers, (of course these days, I would say “naturally, I Fluthered the answers, ahah) and I stumbled across the question on here, saw some great answers, and I wanted to share some of my answers, too. But at the bottom of the screen said I could answer only by making a “Fluther Account”, and so I did, not thinking it’d be this great! I’ve been hooked ever since =)

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I blame lifehacker . Source of a lot of to-do’s and internet/computer based distractions in my life.

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I googled a question that was answered on fluther and I liked the way fluther advertised itself on top “we’re all experts” and I said why not… I joined thinking I’d let go of it after a few days but everyday I read something I find funny were it says log out.

right now : “we dreamt about you last night.”

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I, like Malcrony, googled a question regarding Christian Ethics that led me to this site (It’s not that significant, I know, but at least I’m here?)

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March 10, 2010

Languishing from post vacation blues and serious jet lag, googled something along the lines of ’ intellectual forums’..dunno…it’s all a blur now. lol

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I googled something and one of the answers was a link to Fluther. So I decided to check it out.

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