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Is there a god?

Asked by coryrap (17points) August 23rd, 2007 from iPhone
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Well, now that the God thing is settled. Will the 6G iPod have Wifi?

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depends on your religion - most people chose to believe that there is one - theres a small group of people (like me) who dont chose to believe

@johnpowell - apple has filed for a wifi patent for the iPod -

but if it does have wifi, it would be way more expensive, you would have very little battery life (since wifi is the biggest energy killer) and in all likelihood you would have to pay for streaming songs online (similar to the sansa connect)

the feature that i would like is just a simple built-in radio

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the sun is god. We are god.

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Yes, absolutely.

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Right over here.
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Yes and shes fabulous, her name is Edina Monsoon.
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yes I belive so. My justification is.... Science says things are setup to result in disorder ie. Drop a glass on the floor the pattern of the broken particles will be disorganized. In our universe millions of thing had to come in to play perfectly organized just to create life. Then millions of things more were perfectly organized to make you. I dont belive it is by luck we are all here. From a mathmatics standpoint what are the odds of YOU being created. Remember to consider YOU begins with the creation of the universe.
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watch this documentary. Let me know if it answers any questions. Watch the first 40 minutes or so.
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if god is the universe, but I dont believe in a creator god that has boundeies over who we are and where we will go after we die. After thousands of years I think if there was a god like in the bible he should have been more involved, why should every generation have to endure the teachings and not get any acknowledgment for there devotion. Its like buying a car "were the car" and never keeping care of it, no oil no gas, no water, just get in and hammer the gas pedal without steering. I do hope my body and mind will serve some purpose after I'm gone, reincarnation is my preference, it is such a wonderful and diverse species us humans. I would like to come back as an early explorer of Africa in the early 20th century
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@gooch – what are the mathematical odds of a particular person being created? I’d have to say this is astronomical – the chances that, over hundreds of generations, the correct combinations of two particular people coupled, and that a particular gamete from each happened to fuse, and that the genes crossed over in just a particular way – I’d say that is as close to infinitely improbable as you can get.

But…how many people are alive today? over 6 billion. It’s not an astronomically rare event that a person is born, or that a glass shatters in a particular way – in fact, it happens quite frequently.

And after it happens, one is free to postulate on how improbable it was that it happened in just that way – but that would have been true no matter what the outcome was.

So disorder and improbability do not necessarily imply design. It just implies a random world where there are a lot of factors out of our control our out of our ability to comprehend.

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Oh and another one @gooch. You said “In our universe millions of thing had to come in to play perfectly organized just to create life.” That is true if you take a barren planet and then poof, there’s a human. But if you take the basic principle of natural selection and apply it even as far back as the primordial soup with a handful of chemicals floating around, and give it billions of years, it is almost inevitable that larger forms of life would evolve, and that they would be suited to their environment in specialized ways.

For instance – you might think that we’re really lucky to have been placed on a planet that has an atmosphere with plentiful oxygen. But if the planet originally had an atmosphere consisting of sulfur, creatures would have evolved to be able to breathe and use sulfur in a useful way. And then you’d be saying “Aren’t we lucky to live on a planet that has so much sulfur?”

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Not in the sense that most organized religions would have you believe. A good rule of thumb; when reading religious text, substitute “me” or “I” in place of the deity in question. See if that doesn’t also make sense. This, of course, leaves you in charge of your own destiny.

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while you exist, if you look for God, you can either see His nature, or His location, but never both.

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