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What presents could I ask for?

Asked by Vincentt (8079points) November 14th, 2008

Sinterklaas will be coming around soon again, so my dad has started bugging me to think to things I’d like to have.
My problem is that I’m so spoiled and unimaginative that I can’t really think of anything reasonable to ask for.

I’d preferably think of some practical stuff (I am running short on money :P), so any practical ideas* would be welcome :)

* I always think of stuff that would be useful to get but forget it by the time I get to ask for it…

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If you are spoiled and unimaginative, perhaps you might think of what someone else might like, and give your gift to a less spoiled person. It might begin to make you less spoiled, and you can be of serious assistance to someone else. It could be a food bank, or toys for needy children. You could pick them out and deliver them yourself. How about that?

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@sfinkel – thought about that. In fact, I proposed something like that (I believe it was just a donation to a charity I liked) but my father didn’t like it :(

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I wouldn’t worry about presents, Vincentt. I’ve heard that Black Peter has been asking about you and that he’s planning on putting you in his sack and taking you to Spain.
You must have been very bad this year, huh?

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How about he pays for a trip where you go volunteer some place overseas. This way, a) he’s paying for a “vacation” of sorts. b) You have the experience of a lifetime. And c) you get to volunteer and help out those in need, thereby making you appreciate life and feel less spoiled (win-win! and who doesn’t like to travel?). There are tons of sites where you can sign up for volunteering. I believe mtl_zack did something of the sort earlier this year if you want more information. Otherwise, just Google Volunteer Abroad and you should get plenty of resources!

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You should ask for Richard Pryor.

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Good one peedub !!

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How about propsing to your dad to give you a hundred bucks, and allowing you to carry some neccessities and lock you out from home for 1 month.Its a huge present, allowing you to see the world in a different way. TIck

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I’m the same way. I always have trouble thinking of something that I want, need, and my mother/father/grandmother/whoever will want to give me. I usually go through the rooms of the apartment or aspects of my life and say, “What would make this easier?”

For example: Living room, what would make this easier? Well it would be damn nice to have a vacuum.
Kitchen: what would make this easier? A rolling pin.
Work: A travel mug
School: Dorm cooking things or whatever.

I try to keep a wishlist going all year on Amazon for my mum. When I think of something, I add it.That way there isn’t a rush at the end of the year or pressure to think of something. I know that my mom isn’t going to want to give me vacuum bags, but if I can think of a good way to ask for something mundane and useful, she’ll go in for it.

I really did get a rolling pin for Christmas, for instance, because I wanted one that only my aunt could really get for me. Despite being small and kind of weird to ask for, that only she had access to the place to get it meant it was still special.

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Think in terms of “consumables”...anything you can “use up”. Special foods you never buy for yourself, personalized stationery, cash and gift cards, etc… This way, you don’t have anything you don’t need cluttering up your space.

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get something reasonable and post it to someone random from phone book.. probably u will get to meet someone special.

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Aside from the entire issue of an admittedly spoiled person wanting and getting more stuff, I’ll reply with the following:

I’d give the “no gifts, please, Dad” another try and explain to him that you have enough stuff. You’d rather do something with him than have an object from him. Choose a play or concert you could enjoy together, or something similar. Your gift to your father could be a date where you cook for him and you share some valuable face time.

In lieu of that—
A subscription to a magazine you enjoy
A gift certificate to the place where you get your hair cut
A gift card for gasoline
Underware, sox—doesn’t everyone always need these?

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How about a donation to those folks in Darfur given in that persons name?

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@AstroChuck – xD

@PnL – that would be a bit above his budget. I am thinking of doing that in summer, though :)

@peedub – haha :P

@mea05key – well, I don’t really live with my father, so that’d be difficult ;-).

@EmpressPixie, augustlan – good one, will keep a look out.

@Dorkgirl – I’ve tried to, really. One of the characteristics of my fatehr is that he wants all four of his children to get equally much. Last year, I just pointed out a cheap calendar so that he’d have something to wrap up. Though in hindsight, I suppose he liked “buying the thing” with me, so I guess that was good :).
Underwear is an excellent idea too.

@amurican – see above.

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ah yes. i figured it would be above his budget. i meant more as in “contribute” to that fund. i’ll come back if i think of more ideas.

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