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Do you pay attention to how much change the cashier gives back to you?

Asked by tinyfaery (43277points) November 14th, 2008

Today it dawned on me, I never pay attention to how much money a cashier hands back to me. I could be getting ripped off for hundreds of dollars a year as far as I know. Do you count your change?

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I don’t count my change unless it is a big amount I should get back (over 20$). But 95 percent of the time I pay with my debit card and I do check and save the receipts for those purchases. I have been charged 116.99 instead of 16.99 a few times.

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I count it as they do. I like math.

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Yes, I do.

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Caps lock, Jean. Caps. Lock.

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I count it religiously. I am that jerk that stands at the regester, recounting the money after they hand it back to me, regardless of the amount, insuring that everyone can see me do this. Why? For the longest time the old WalMart in town, before it became a Super WalMart, was scamming people. A bunch of employes kept skimming off a few cents here and there because most people don’t even pay attention to what bills they are given back to them. Eventually it was found out when some of the people started to give back one’s, rather then ten’s and twenties when they should have… So now I count everything, incase the same thing is happening at that store.

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Sometimes I do , like if it feels like they gave me the wrong amount or if the cashier seemed kinda high or drunk. i check my bank account daily cause i mostly use my debit card and PNC bank has this cool new feature called virtual wallet that is pretty useful in my opinion.

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Yes, I do. I check it every time.

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I generally don’t, because it’s usually such a small amount and I’m in a hurry. Who knows how much I may have lost because of it! I use my debit card for almost everything I buy, and do check the receipt.

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I debit and compare the receipt with the bank statement.

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i watch them count the bills. if i think i missed the count i’ll count it myself in my hand. i don’t count the change.

i also add it up in my head before the cashier adds it (rounded adding), so i have an idea of how much it will be. that way, if something is on sale and it doesn’t ring up like it’s on sale, i can point it out to them. you’ll be surprised how often that happens. if i don’t have a chance to do that, like if i’m busy packing i’ll check the receipt before i get in the car.

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I use my debit card most of the time too.

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I do, money is too hard to come by these days.

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Every time! I work hard for my money. Also, some retail clerks need to be helped with math skills.

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Always. There’s been many times where I’ve been short changed. It pays off to be attentive.

Similarly, some stores have a policy where if the scanned price is not the actual price, you get the item for free. A local grocery store actually goes further and GIVES you $5 in addition to the item – I didn’t know about this policy until a bag of shrimp I was purchasing was the wrong scanned price, I would have just been happy with the shrimp, but the $5 made it even better.

As well, whenever I pay with cash (which is rare, admittedly) and it requires giving coins, I tell the cashier how much I’m giving them. That’s a habit I picked up from working at McDonald’s.

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