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Are there any other sites like

Asked by careerbassmaster (183points) November 15th, 2008

Are there any other sites where you can get ridiculous deals like I love to woot and wish there were other sites like it. Does anyone know any deal sites where the deals are mad crazy.

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You can check out the deals at

They also have a rating for most websites that sell cheap stuff, so its always worth checking before buying!

EDIT: Oh, it appears that they get their deals content from

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Dont know, but thanks for sharing!

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Are there any sites like that ships internationally?

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Also, has a regular “morning deals” feature.

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These are two different sites where dealhunters link to fantastic deals on other sites.

Woot also has a daily shirt woot by an independent designer. Those shirts are great.

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There are lots of them, but is the best and most consistent. However, its friends,, and are pretty awesome.

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oh woot i love you :)

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Don’t forget the sister site

ooppps, Pixie beat me to it

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I loooooove me some woot. I have a delivery from them coming on Monday. In other news, I’d really appreciate For distilled spirits.

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Check out This is another great site that offers one deal a day.

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