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How much is a guitar signed by all the Beatles worth? Quick, I only have two minutes left...

Asked by Tank8131 (106points) August 23rd, 2007
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...damn. Okay, so we had a silent auction at my place of work today. We had a guitar (didn't see it, don't know what type) that was signed by all the members of The Beatles. The ending bid was $600. My boss, 2 minutes left, told me to figure out how much it was worth so he could sell it for a profit. I thought I'd try Fluther out as a second chance after trying to google and ebay a like item. no luck.....oh's over and the guitar went for $600.

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If it was authentic, it would get much much more.

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lol, no. It was a silent auction for charity. And after I posted this I went up to take a closer look...and I really think it's fake. The autograph's were pixely....but I didn't tell my boss that...he'd kill me

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Fake signatures? Worthless. Authentic signatures of all 4 Beatles? Priceless, probably several 10s of thousands. If "Antiques Road Show" has taught me anything, it's that kitsch sells.

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I'm with segdeha, if it was authentic probably 50-80k. If it was used in the studio, etc. maybe much more. If it was fake, whatever a pawn shop would pay, $30-50.
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First I know the auction is over but would you have made a commission off of it. I mean helping your boss make a profit deserves some scratch in your pocket.

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